2020 Olympic Skateboarding Teams of All Participating Countries

The skateboarding sport 100% is one of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. And it is just around the corner.

For now, we know that there will be two disciplines involved in this sport, Park, and Street, and each discipline will include both men and women events. The exact competition dates are July 26th, July 27th, August 5th, and August 6th, in the year of 2020. The competition venue is Ariake Urban Sports Park. And in this page, what we will focus on is about the national skateboarding teams of every participating country, since some of them have assembles their armies. And for the details, please check the following information.

US Olympic Skateboard Team

Women’s Park

Brighton Zeuner (Encinitas, CA)

Bryce Wettstein (Encinitas, CA)

Jordyn Barratt (Haleiwa, HI)

Nicole Hause (Stillwater, MN)

Men’s Park

Alex Sorgente (Lake Worth, FL)

Tom Schaar (Malibu, CA)

Tristan Rennie (Rialto, CA)

Zion Wright (Jupiter, FL)

Women’s Street

Alexis Sablone (Old Saybrook, CT)

Jenn Soto (Jersey City, NJ)

Lacey Baker (Covina, CA)

Mariah Duran (Albuquerque, NM)

Men’s Street

Chris Joslin (Hawaiian Gardens, CA)

Jagger Eaton (Mesa, AZ)

Louie Lopez (Hawthorne, CA)

Nyjah Huston (Laguna Beach, CA)

Australia Olympic Skateboard Team

Shane O’Neill

Famous Skateboarders - Shane O’Neill
Famous Skateboarders – Shane O’Neill

Nick Boserio

Tommy Fynn

Jack Fardell

Jake Duncombe

Coach: Dustin Dollin

Brazil Olympic Skateboard Team

Women’s Park

Yndiara Asp

Dora Varella

Isadora Pacheco

Camila Borges

Men’s Park

Pedro Barros

Luizinho Francisco

Murilo Peres

Italo Penarrubia

Shaun White

Women’s Street

Leticia Bufoni

Pamela Rosa

Monica Torres

Gabriela Mazetto

Men’s Street

Kelvin Hoefler

Luan De Oliveira

Tiago Lemos

Felipe Gustavo

Japan Olympic Skateboard Team

As the host, Japan definitely will not miss any game in this Event.

Women’s Park

Kisa Nakamura

Men’s Park

Ayumu Hirano

Women’s Street

Aori Nishimura

Men’s Street

Yuto Horigome

Philippine Olympic Skateboard Team

Women’s Street

Margielyn Didal

Finland Olympic Skateboard Team

Women’s Park

Lizzie Armanto

Great Britain Olympic Skateboard Team

Sky Brown (10-year-old, from Miyazaki in Japan)

Alex Decunha (22-year-old, from Milton Keynes)

Sam Beckett (26-year-old, from Norfolk)

Jordan Thackeray (22-year-old, from Colchester)

Alex Hallford (26-year-old, from Nottingham)

Portuguese Britain Olympic Skateboard Team

Gustavo Ribeiro

Gabriel Ribeiro

Jorge Simões

Bruno Senra

Note: Thanks PEDRO SILVA – a friendly visitor of this blog for reminding and providing me of this information.

Note: This is not the complete list for now. And We will continue to update it.

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  1. Hey you can put the portuguese team as well :
    Gustavo Ribeiro
    Gabriel Ribeiro
    Jorge Simões
    Bruno Senra

    1. The country probably just didn’t have enough reliable/consistent/skilled enough women skaters. I’m sure there are plenty of great skaters from Australia but the country didn’t look at them. I’m not sure of any sponsored female skaters from Australia, a sponsorship would obviously make them more well known, but I haven’t ever looked it up. Also skateboarding is more commonly a mens sport. If you look at the other countries many of them also don’t have female skating teams which makes sense, because you hear much more about male skaters instead of females. Not sexist or anything, just the way it is and the culture/past of skating.

  2. Why does only the gb team have the age and town? Sorry if any inconvenience was caused by this comment, I am just quite curious because there is a 10 year old competing so it would be interesting to see the other ages of the contestants.

    Kind regards

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