Top 5 Best Longboards for Beginners: A Buyer’s Guide

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When you are on this page, it seems that you are getting serious about the longboarding sports, and welcome to the longboarding community, my friends.

For each longboard rider at the beginner level, the first thing, which is ahead of choosing a beginner longboard, is that you need to figure out which longboard riding style you prefer or plan to choose. Because there are several kinds of longboarding disciplines, cruising, carving, freeride, downhill, dancing, etc. and each longboarding discipline has its unique and different requirements for the longboard.

If you are still not sure about which longboarding style you would like to choose, you can refer to this Wikipedia page to tell the differences. And if you have decided on the discipline, in the following, I am going to share you the standards that the beginner longboard should meet, for the riding styles of cruising, carving, downhill, freeride, and dancing.

In this article, we are going to review the following longboards:


Theoretically, we can use any longboard to cruise. But the classic pintail shape board deck can make it much easier. Besides, if the deck has an amount of concave, it would be much better since this design can make the longboard more responsive.

For the truck part, even though 150mm to 160mm wide hanger is perfect for cruising, I prefer suggesting the 180mm wide hanger for the beginners, since wider truck hanger provides more stability. The truck kingpin should be the reverse style, and the baseplate angle should be 50 degrees. Because both designs can make your longboard agiler.

What about the wheels? The wheels for cruising should be soft, which can ensure rider a soft riding and the great grip power.


The requirements for carving longboard are much similar to the cruising ones. 150mm to 160mm truck hanger width is perfect, but 180mm width may be much more friendly to the beginners, due to its better stability. The reverse kingpin design and 50-degree baseplate angle should be included, with which the longboard would be agiler. And if there is detailed information about the bushing part, the cone one is better.

While what the carving longboard is different from the cruising one is about the deck. The carving deck should be with good flexibility. Many skilled riders will also add the camber feature to the deck so that the riders can have a nice turn feeling. While for the beginners, you may feel unstable with this design, so I do not recommend it. However, the concave feature should be added to make the longboard more responsive.


Downhill is a longboarding type mainly about speed achieving. Riders can run as fast as 100km/h or more on the downhill longboard. So the downhill longboard deck should have a drop in the middle, while only the nose and tail are raised. With such design, the wheelbase is close to the ground, and you will feel more stable when riding at high speed. It can also keep from the speed wobbles. Unlike the cruising and carving longboards are both soft, the downhill longboard should also be hard. So for beginners, I would recommend you the very stiff longboard with a high concave. If you like riding switch, then you may need the symmetrically shaped decks.

For the truck part, the hanger width must be 180mm for more stability. The reverse kingpin type would be much better for great responsiveness. The baseplate angle should be 50 degrees. And if the truck has a rake feature, then a negative rake is recommended. And the wheels should be hard enough for sliding. A large diameter can help you reach a higher speed.


The freeride is similar to the downhill, for both of them are about riding down a hill. But for a freeride, the rider has no need to achieve the high speed but has the most fun of the hilly terrain. So the freeride longboard deck can be softer than the downhill ones. It can be medium hardness. Surely there is nothing wrong with the hard ones if you like. Since sliding is a big feature in freeride, then you may need the symmetrically shaped decks, front and tail looking same, which is friendly for sliding. To enhance the sliding feature of the longboard, nowadays, many riders choose the drop-through truck mounting type. It can put the rider lower to the ground so that the rider feels more stable.

While the bad side of this drop-through design is that it scarifies some responsiveness of the longboard. To improve the responsiveness, we can take a concave feature as a helper. Besides, the reverse kingpin truck with 50-degree baseplate angle can also make the longboard more responsive and nimble. The wheels still need to be hard for the sliding ability.


The dancing longboard has fewer requirements for the deck, the truck, and the wheels, compared to the other riding styles. The principal feature for the dancing longboard is that it should be long and wide enough, so the dancers can have more space to make movements. If the longboard deck is with reasonable softness and has a kicktail, then it would be much better for you to do some tricks. Personally, any truck can be OK. While wider truck can provide you with good stability, and reverse kingpin style makes the longboard smarter. Wheels should be better with softness.

And in the following, I am just going to recommend you the best beginner longboard for each riding style, base on the features that we have talked about above. Check them now.

Best Beginner Longboard for Cruising: Kahuna Creations Master Crafted Longboard

This is 10-inch wide fishtail shaped longboard. Just like the pintail shaped longboard, the fishtail one is also perfect cruising learners because of its good stability and easy turn initiation. Besides, the deck has a W concave, which can help the longboard react faster when the rider leans and turns. While the concave becomes flat on the tail of the deck, which can provide you more control options.

It is equipped with the Bear Grizzly 180mm longboard trucks. The 180mm-wide hanger can perfectly fit the board and ensure a stable riding. The truck is with the reverse kingpin and 50-degree baseplate angle, which are a great helper for the longboard responsiveness. The wheels are 82A durometer. Personally, I would prefer more soft wheels than that, but it is OK.

Besides, the longboard is made of 7-player Canadian maple wood, which weighs only 10LBS. It is quite light. However, it can hold up to a maximum of 260 pounds.


  • Nice graphics
  • Sturdy
  • Strong trucks
  • Very responsive
  • Smooth


  • Wheels are a little hard for cruising

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Best Beginner Longboard for Carving: Yocaher Punked Graphic Longboard

This is a pintail shaped longboard with a kicktail at its end, even though the manufacturer calls it kicktail type. It is perfectly suitable for carving beginners since it features good stability. Besides, the deck is also with a radial concave design, enhancing its responsiveness for tricks, turning, and other movements. The 7-player maple material gives the deck great flexibility.

As for the truck, it is with 180mm wide hanger, nice design for gaining stability. Skilled riders normally require the 150mm wide truck because it is agiler. However, for beginners, 180mm width is much better. The wheels are 78A durometer, soft enough to grip the ground.

It weighs less than 7 pounds. It is not very hard for you to take it anywhere.


  • Good quality
  • Nice looking
  • Concave design
  • Eye-catchy design


  • Kicktail design friendly for tricks and various maneuvers, but not so necessary for carving beginners

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Best Beginner Longboard for Downhill: MINORITY Maple Longboard

This is definitely a perfect longboard for downhill. The board has a drop to make it low to the ground, which can enhance its stability and prevent the speed wobble effectively at a high speed. And the drop concave can fit your feet very well. It is symmetrical which is good if you love riding switch. The truck is a reverse kingpin style with 50-degree baseplate angle, good responsiveness checked.

However, we cannot miss its downsides. Its wheels are 70mm diameter, which may be not large enough to gain the top speed. But for beginners, it is OK. What the wheels make me unhappy is the durometer, 78A. This is not hard enough to easily slide. Then the manufacturer describes that the deck can load 220LBS. In fact, it seems unable to hold up more than 200LBS, according to some buyers’ feedback. If your weight is not in the range, you need to take it seriously. The overweight will bend the deck to touch the ground since it has a drop to make it low to the ground already.


  • The drop concave locks the feet very well
  • Very low to the ground
  • Stable
  • Fast


  • The wheels/bearings take a few days to warm up
  • Wheel durometer needs a little higher for sliding

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Best Beginner Longboard for Freeride: Punisher Drop-Through Longboard

Just like the downhill board, we need some stability and the feature to prevent from speed wobble issue. And this longboard just gives two guarantees to achieve what we want. The board has a drop and the truck mounting type is drop-through, both of which can make the board low to the ground. So at high speed, the longboard will keep stable and feature good resistance to the speed wobble.

Besides, I really love its beautiful-designed graphics. There are the themes of day of the end, mannequin, monster mashup, oni, steampunck, tales of the dead, and zombie, cool and fashionable. Both boys and girls will really love it.


  • Very bright and nicely designed
  • Solid board
  • Smooth
  • Drop-through mounting type for the truck


  • Some items may need adjustments with the wheel nuts and trucks for smoothness

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Best Beginner Longboard for Dancing: HTY Hb Longboard

What we primarily care about the longboard for dancing is its length and width. The longboard is long and wide enough so the rider has more space to put his/her feet on and make movements. This longboard is 120cm long and 25cm wide. Personally, this is good enough for dancing. It can take you to the parks, squares, streets, residential areas, playgrounds, etc. Just one thing that you need to notice is that it can load maximum 200kg.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Good length and width for dancing
  • Kicktail on both the front and back


  • Board need more flexibility

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I really hope that you enjoy this guide as much as how I have been addicted to writing it. If so, please share it with the people around you. And if you find that I have missed something important, please let me know in the comments, and I will update as soon as possible, to make this post better.

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