Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards That You Can Afford

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out which one of the five items recommended in the following content would be the best option, then we suggest BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard as the best cheap electric skateboard.

If you are planning to find an electric skateboard to try its differences from the traditional skateboard, then I personally do not recommend you get an expensive one. Cause you may have little knowledge of the electric skateboard and would break it with more possibilities than the skilled. And breaking an electric skateboard which is worth one thousand or even thousands of bucks must be miserable. But a cheap one can save you. Or, if you have a limited budget on the electric skateboard, then getting a cheap electric skateboard seems necessary, too.

Well, cheap is a broad term. How much on earth does a cheap electric skateboard exactly costs? 200$ to $300, more or less. Someone would say that there are many items which cost much less than 200, and why not recommend them? Well, we can not only focus on the price, but the quality factor should also be on the list. Surely, if an electric skateboard under $200 is doing great in quality, too, it should also be on my recommending list. Check the best cheap electric skateboards in the following now.

In this article, We are going to review the following electric skateboards:

Before we get into detailed recommended items, there is something important that we need to know first.

We cannot rush into the local store asking which ones are sold at about $200 and get one home or directly go to the online store finding the items according to the price labels and adding to your cart. However, there are more things that we need to consider choosing a best budget electric skateboard, like how far the skateboard can run, what its maximum speed is, what it is made of, etc. I will explain why in the following content. Check them now, and they will definitely be helpful for you.


Range, or how far the electric skateboard can get, would matter more for those who take the electric skateboard as a commuter. For example, if there are some distances between your home (workplace) and the bus station or railway station, then an electric skateboard can be a better option to deal with such a situation. While, if the range number of the skateboard is too little, then you should definitely not choose it. If you plan to ride for fun, guess you will also not want to take the electric skateboard home to charge after running just several kilometers, right?


A faster electric skateboard can help you get somewhere sooner, and experience its beauty different from the traditional ones.

Compared to the traditional skateboards, the electric skateboards will not need your pushing to accelerate it, since they are equipped with a motor. With the motor, you can run faster like a flash. And nowadays, many electric skateboard brands have even installed dual motors on their products. However, different skateboards will also vary in their speed specs. Mostly, the speed highly depends on the motor and battery. Surely, the terrain and the weight of the skater will also influence the skating speed.


In the last part, you have learned that the motor can influence speed. In fact, if you want to ride on the rough terrains, like sand, grass, or even steep hills, the motor also plays an important role, since a good motor can provide enough power.

Basically, I would recommend you choosing the skateboards with a brushless motor system. Because base on my personal experience and the customer feedback collected, the brushed motors are very heavy and underpowered.


This refers to two numbers. One is the weight that the electric skateboard can load. If the weight of the skater is over the maximum load-bearing, the actual range and speed would be influenced a lot. The second number is how heavy the electric skateboard is. When you just feel tired after riding on it outside for a period, then you may want to just walk. And at this time, a lighter electric skateboard would be much preferred.

Surely, besides these factors mentioned above, there also are many other things that we need to take into consideration when choosing a budget electric skateboard. And I will show you them in the following recommended items.

Best Cheap Electric Skateboard: BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard

BLITZART is a skateboard company located in southern California. And this electric skateboard recommended have four color options available for you to choose. It is a hub-motor style item, which means the motors are hidden in its wheels. So it makes itself look more compact and minimalistic. It is equipped with a secured 36V and 4.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack, which enables you to ride up to 10 miles. The maximum speed that you can accelerate to is 17MPH. The battery can be fully charged within 2 and a half hours.

As for its material, the deck of this skateboard is made of 2-layer bamboo and 6-layer maple wood. The 6-layer maple wood is just between the 2-layer bamboo, one on the top and the other at the bottom of the board. This design can provide skateboard with more flexibility and sturdiness. The maximum weight that it can load is 250 LBS.


  • Very fast
  • Remote control pairs to the board instantly
  • Sturdy


  • Large and heavy

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Best Cheap Electric Skateboard: Fitnessclub Hiboy Electric Skateboard

This is also a hub-motor electric skateboard, but with dual 350W motors. With the help of the 36V lithium-ion 4000mAH capacity battery, it can run as far as 13 miles. The maximum speed is 22 MPH, which is really good. It just takes 2 hours to fully charge the skateboard. The deck is made of 8-layer Canadian maple wood, which can load up to 220 LBS. The weight itself is 13 pounds, which may be a little heavy to carry it somewhere.


  • Really fast
  • Dual motors
  • Great battery life


  • The remote is touchy
  • Heavy

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Best Cheap Electric Skateboard: Hiboy S11/S22 Electric Skateboard

This skateboard type actually has two models, S11 and S22. The S11 is especially for kids and youth. And the S22 is for adult skaters with some skills. Besides, the S22 has larger sizes and dual hub motor. The batteries and other materials are also different. And here I would go to the S22 in details.

It is equipped with dual 350W hub motors, which can provide you enough power to ride on various surfaces. Its range is 13 miles, and the maximum speed is 18.5MPH. This skateboard has passed UL-2271 certified, which means there is more professional and stable battery management. So it can ensure skater more safety and protection all the time. The bad side is that it weighs 16.5 pounds. That would be a headache if you want to carry it somewhere.


  • Easy to ride
  • Great quality
  • Really sturdy
  • Fast acceleration and deceleration
  • Easy to carry


  • The instruction booklet is incomplete somewhere
  • No progress indication while charging

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Best Cheap Electric Skateboard: Voyager Neutrino Compact Electric Skateboard

This Voyager skateboard must be the cheapest item on the market, but at the same time with good quality. So besides its price advantage, what else outstanding features does it has? First of all, it is super light, only 9.5 LBS. It totally enables you to carry it anywhere easily. The 350W brushless motor always ensures adequate power to run on various surfaces. With its IP55 rated water resistance ability, you can easily ride in the wet weather. Surely, it has its bad sides. The range is 7 miles. And the maximum speed is the only 12.5MPH.


  • Cool color
  • Water resistance
  • Light


  • One-wheel-drive
  • Shorter running mileage

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Best Cheap Electric Skateboard: ACTON Blink Lite Electric Skateboard

Compared to the other four items recommended above, honestly, this one can totally be beaten on the range and speed. Its range is just up to 5 miles, and top speed is 10MPH. But why it is recommended if not considering its price tag? It must be because it is the lightest electric skateboard. It is only 7.7 pounds. And it is just 30.7-inch long. So it could be a perfect choice for busy students. They can easily pack it up and ride it around the school.


  • Good acceleration
  • Easy to carry
  • Super light


  • Shorter range
  • Slower speed

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In the last part of this guide, what I would like to share is about the safety issue. No matter where and when you are skateboarding. Safety must always be the first thing that you need to care about. And I would strongly recommend you wear the protective gears all the time during your riding, like the helmet, knee and wrist pads, mouth guards, etc.

And if you have any thoughts on this topic, please share them in the comments below to help more skaters.

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