Top 5 Best Cheap Longboard Under $100: A buyer’s Guide

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When you are on this page, there is no doubt that you are looking for some kind and useful advice on how to find a cheap longboard but with good quality. Surely, in this guide, I will share you the related knowledge. However, before we go into the details, we need first to figure out two things.

The first one is what exact price a cheap longboard should be. On the market, there is a wide range of the longboard price tag. Some of them cost just dozens of dollars, while some of them are worth hundreds of dollars. And for riders, some of you are looking for the longboard under 50 dollars, and some require the longboard under 200 dollars, etc. Personally, I would like to suggest the longboard at around $100. The items below $50 are not strongly recommended. Because a longboard with such price is likely to have poor quality.

The second one is about what discipline you are going to longboard for. The reason is that longboarding has several disciplines, cruising, carving, downhill, freeride, dancing, etc. and each discipline has unique requirements for the longboard components, like the deck, trucks, wheels. If we want to longboard with good experience, we have to find the longboard which is perfectly suitable for the discipline you like.

But you have little knowledge about the longboard? Don’t worry, in the following content, I will share you every single tip about how to choose a cheap longboard for each longboarding discipline and 5 recommended items. Check them now.

In this article, we are going to review the following longboards:


A cheap longboard ideal for cruising should be pintail or fishtail shaped. Why? Because the pintail and fishtail longboards would make the nose and tail parts much narrower than the middle. Owing to such design, the wheels will be far away from the deck, which means there is almost zero possibility for wheel bites. You can ride smoothly. Besides, if the deck is with a concave feature, it would be better at responding when you turn and lean.

The trucks should be with 150mm to 160mm hanger width for better agility. The reverse kingpin truck type would be much better because it is smarter than the traditional ones, which are commonly seen on the skateboard. 50 degree to 60-degree baseplate angle is also recommended. A truck with such high baseplate angle would allow the longboard to turn more easily.

To prevent a turning becoming a sliding, the wheels should very soft to gain friction and grip. Normally, the durometer would be like under 80A.


Much similar to cruising, carving requires the trucks with 150mm to 160mm wide hanger, reverse kingpin, and low baseplate angle, all of which ensure the longboard nimble enough. Wheels should soft, under 80A durometer.

What a carving longboard is different from the cruising longboard is about the deck. To get better turn experience, the board with camber is more popular. What is a camber longboard? It means that the deck is slightly curved upwards, like an arch bridge. Besides, this kind of design can also provide better flexibility. However, it has a disadvantage. This board is with less stability. So normally I do not recommend it to the learners. And personally, I still love the pintail or fishtail shape boards. A certain amount of concave still matters for responsiveness.


The downhill discipline is all about the high speed. So to achieve this goal, we need the wheels hard enough. Hard wheels have less friction than soft ones. Besides, hard wheels tend to slide more easily, too.

However, when riding downhill at a high speed, we should also take another feature of the longboard into consideration – its stability. This is not just for your riding experience, but also for the safety issue. To make the longboard more stable, we usually require the board having a drop in the middle part, while its nose and tail upwarp. This design can make sure the wheelbase close to the ground. The other feature that can provide the longboard with stability is the truck part. The hanger width should be 180mm. And then the baseplate angle should be lower, like 40 degrees, to make the longboard less capable of turning at high speed.


Honestly, the longboard for downhill can also be available to the freeride, since they have many similarities. However, there are also some differences. Comparing to downhill, freeride does not mean all about reaching top speed. But it also includes more tricks, sliding, wheelies, shove-its, etc. So the freeride board can be more flexible than the downhill one. And mostly, some riders will also require the board symmetrical, which is friendly to sliding. Nose and kicktail features should also be on the list.


Choosing a dancing longboard would seem much simpler than the other four disciplines mentioned above. If we would like to dance with good experience and feeling, the board should be long and wide enough, normally 45 to 47 inches long and 10 inches wide. Because such a board can provide riders with enough space to make your dancing moves.

Best Cheap Longboard for Cruising: Atom Blue Surf Pintail Longboard

This is definitely a classic pintail-shaped longboard. As I have said, the biggest advantage of the pintail longboard is that it has no wheel bites happening owing to its unique shape design. The board is 9.4-inch wide, and the truck width is 8,5 inches. You see, the truck is a little narrower than the deck. Why the manufacturer has designed it like this? This is because narrower trucks are helpful for the rider to turn when cruising. Besides, the top of the deck is full coverage of griptape, and the underneath is decorated with colorful graphics. It is lovely. And the deck has a slightly concave, which can make the longboard much more responsive when the rider leans, turns, or does some other movements.

To make the longboard much more agile, this longboard is with the reverse kingpin type trucks. The wheel parts are also great. The wheels are with 78A hardness and made of urethane. They belong to the soft wheels. The soft wheels will gain much more grip when riding compared to the hard wheels. So they ensure you a pretty soft ride. This is just what we want when cruising.

Plus, this longboard is only with 7.2 pounds, which promises riders to carry it everywhere.


  • Friendly to beginners
  • No any wheel bite
  • Solid construction
  • Great for cruising
  • Great turning
  • Fancy decal


  • The top of the board seems without none-slippery feature. The manufacturer can improve this to make the longboard better

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Best Cheap Longboard for Carving: Yocaher Punked Graphic Longboard

This is a pintail shaped longboard, which personally I think is the best shape for carving. But it is a standard pintail shaped longboard since there is a kicktail at its end. This is a great design for you to make some tricks. The deck is made of 7-player maple wood featuring medium concave and medium flexibility. All of these traits make it a great candidate for carving.

As for other parts, its aluminum-alloy-made trucks are 9.675 inches, which can perfectly fit the 10-inch wide deck. The truck hanger width is 180mm. With these trucks, there is no problem with stability, which is good for the learners. While anything has two sides. If you are a skilled longboard rider, these trucks could drag you down. Because you want the longboard more agile but not the great stability when carving. If you really do, you can replace them with some other great trucks with 150mm hanger width.


  • Good quality
  • Nice looking
  • Concave design
  • Eye-catchy design


  • Trucks are with 180mm hanger width, which would sacrifice some agility of the longboard

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Best Cheap Longboard for Downhill: MINORITY Maple Longboard

This is an 8-layer cold pressed hardrock maple wood made longboard. It is hard enough for your downhill. While what really makes this board outstanding is its drop design. The main body of the board is lower than its nose and tail. With such design, the wheelbase would be close to the ground, which can ensure you better stability.

Its trucks are also amazing. They are reverse kingpin type, which would be much nimbler than the traditional trucks. The baseplate angle is low with 45 degrees. We know that low baseplate angle enables the longboard less likely to turn when riding. This is pretty important for the downhill. At the same time, you can also adjust the baseplate angle to 50 degrees, which is not juts friendly for downhill, but also carving, cruising, freeride and dancing.

While what holds this longboard back is only about its wheels. They are only 78A durometer. Seriously, this kind of hardness is not ideal for sliding when you downhill. Maybe the manufacturer can improve this to make it a better downhill longboard.


  • The drop concave locks the feet very well
  • Very low to the ground
  • Stable
  • Fast


  • The wheels/bearings take a few days to warm up
  • Wheel durometer needs a little higher for sliding

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Best Cheap Longboard for Freeride: Punisher Longboard

Many longboards probably have only two or three graphic designs at most. But this Punisher longboard has 7 kinds. Each of them is super lovely. I bet that you must find one you like. There are these graphics themes including Day of the Dead, Zombie, Tales of the Dead, Oni, Mannequin, Steampunk, and Monster Mashup.

But the reason why I recommend it for freeride is definitely not about graphics. First, the board is made of 7-layer full Canadian maple wood, which is a promise that it is hard enough for freeride. Then, it has a drop feature. So the board can be lower to the ground and the gravity of the board and rider is also close to the ground. Great stability is acquired for freeriding. Besides, the truck mounting style is drop-through. It is a drop-through longboard. It can also drop the gravity of the longboard lower to the ground. This is just another great helper for the freeride.


  • Very bright and nicely designed
  • Solid board
  • Smooth
  • Drop-through mounting type for the truck
  • Multiple lovely graphics available


  • Some items may need adjustments with the wheel nuts and trucks for smoothness

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Best Cheap Longboard for Dancing: HTY Hb Longboard

As we have mentioned, the primary requirement for the dancing longboard is that it should have enough space, so you can make the movements as you like. And this recommended longboard can totally meet our demands. The board is 120cm long and 25cm wide. Besides, it narrows the board head, so the wheels are just outside the board. Such a design can effectively avoid the wheel bites when you are dancing. There is also a shallow U-shaped foot socket, which will not affect dancing’s position, but give the dancer’s feet a sense of wrapping.

Even though it is so big, while it is only weighing 7 pounds. That is very light and easy for you to carry it anywhere.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Good length and width for dancing
  • Kicktail on both the front and back


  • Board need more flexibility

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Even though the price tag could be the major consideration when we look for the best cheap longboard, we should also take a look at some other features of the item, like its quality, components specs, which discipline it is suitable for, etc. Only by these, we can find a longboard which can provide us good riding experience.

Did I miss something? If you have some better tips and thoughts on this topic, please share them in the comments. And I will update them as soon as possible, making this post better to help more riders.

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