Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Best Longboards for Cruising

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In principle, we can ride any longboard for cruising. However, technically, if we want to enjoy most fun of cruising and have a better experience, we need the longboard specifically designed for cruising.

But what kind of longboard is perfect for cruising? Or in other words, what features should a cruising longboard have? As long as we can figure out this problem, we can easily find the best cruising longboard on our own. And the first part of this guide, in the following, is going to tell us about this. Keep reading and find what you want.

In this article, we are going to review the following longboards:

What Features A Cruising Longboard Should Include

A longboard mainly composes of a deck, two trucks, and four wheels (bearings included). And I am also going to answer the question by these three components.


Compared to downhill or freeride, cruising will require more turning movements. And sometimes, we would also like to do some tricks. So considering such situations, the pintail-shaped and fishtail-shaped longboard is much better. Why? When we are turning and doing tricks, the most common issue which may happen to the longboard is the wheel bites. And thanks to the special design of the pintail and fishtail longboard, we can easily avoid the wheel bites, while they still provide enough space for the feet.

If you want your longboard more responsive after you do a movement, the concave feature can help you a lot. While this is optional, not must-have. A must-have feature is a kicktail if you are obsessed with doing tricks like skateboarding. A kicktail can help you finish the tricks of ollies and airs when you are cruising, which will make the cruising more fun. Most cruising longboards just have one kicktail at the tail, however, there are also some items which have the kicktail on both the nose and the tail.


The trucks must be the most complicated and essential components on the longboard. The two trucks can largely affect how we feel on the longboard. And for cruising, the trucks must be as much as possible agile.

The first feature of the truck that matters is its hanger width. Basically, the hanger width is determined by the deck width. Ideally, the truck hanger is just as same wide as the deck. But it is not perfect for cruising. For cruising, we want our longboard more maneuverable. And the narrow trucks can help us with that. Personally, I take 150mm as the best hanger width when it comes to cruising.

Besides, to make the truck more agile and helpful for cruising, we can have more options to consider.

Reverse Kingpin Truck

Compared to the traditional kingpin truck, reverse kingpin truck would be much nimble.


Honestly, the rake feature must be the most difficult feature for riders to learn about. You can roughly find what it is by the help of the illustration above.

The function of the rake is changing the location of the wheels relative to the axis of rotation. And the positive rake can make wheels farther away from the axis of rotation, by which the longboard can gain more maneuverability.

Baseplate Angle

The baseplate angle refers to the degrees between the baseplate and the pivot. Normally it is from 20 degrees to 70 degrees. Why it matters? What the baseplate angle of the truck is can largely affect how much the longboard allow the rider to turn or lean.

High baseplate angle will allow riders to make a sharp turn within a small radius. While the lower baseplate angle will make the longboard more sluggish. Riders would need a large radius to make a turn, which makes the longboard more stable. So for cruising, we would need the truck with high baseplate angle, like 50 degrees to 60 degrees.


For the wheels for cruising, we mainly focus on its gripping ability. Normally the soft wheels can have more grip. However, if you also want to add sliding experience during cruising, hard wheels are better. Besides, the wheel width also matters for the gripping ability, which is easily ignored. Wide wheels have more space to contact with the ground, and it means there will be more friction happening. So to sum up, the longboard wheels for cruising can be soft and wide.

And in the following, base on the information that we have talked about above, there will be 5 longboards recommended which can perfectly fit cruising. Check them now.

Best Longboard for Cruising: Yocaher Pintail Longboard

This is a pintail-shape longboard, and its best feature is that there will never be wheel bites happening. Because the wheels are far away from the board owing to the unique longboard shape. Personally, I would think the pintail shape deck as the best board for cruising. The board is made of 9-layer maple wood, medium flexibility included. But the board has no concave. I would not say this is bad. However, the concave design would make the board more responsive.

The trucks are made of aluminum alloy, class 7 heavy duty. The hanger width is 180mm, which can ensure better stability while has to sacrifice some of its agility. This is good for beginners because stability is always friendly to control the longboard better. But the skilled riders usually choose the truck with 150mm wide hanger. As for the wheels, they are with 70mm diameter and 78 hardness. This is a kind of softness level. Soft wheels can help the longboard gain much more grip power when riding, which is very crucial for cruising.


  • Wheels never touch the board
  • Sturdy
  • Well-made
  • Not too heavy
  • The right amount of flex


  • Wheels need to be loosened for good spinning
  • No concave
  • 180mm wide hanger may sacrifice some agility

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Best Longboard for Cruising: VOLADOR Cruiser Longboard

Firstly, the shape of this longboard is symmetrical, which may not so friendly to cruising as pintail, but good for riding switch if you like. The board is made of 8-layer natural hard rock maple. The board has a light drop-down in the center to make itself a camber. This design can offer the deck much more flexible and shock absorbing.

Honestly, the board design of this longboard is mediocre, not top-level. But what convinces me to recommend this longboard is the truck designs, two super agile trucks. Check the detailed specs. The trucks are reverse kingpin type. Like we have mentioned, the reverse kingpin type truck is nimbler than the traditional truck, like the ones installed on the skateboard. Then it is the baseplate angle design. The exact baseplate angle of the truck is 50 degrees. It is very friendly to cruising. Riders can lean little and the truck will help the longboard make efficient turns. Besides, this kind of trucks is also OK with downhill if the rider is skilled. If the baseplate angle goes up to 60 degrees, it may only work for cruising and carving.

For the wheels, they are 70mm diameter PU wheels. They are 78A durometer. The softness required for cruising is included. And they work with ABEC-9 bearings, which can help you always enjoy an unsurpassed smooth ride.


  • Easy to turn
  • The deck is pretty durable and beauty
  • The grip tape is pretty grippy
  • Lightweight


  • Not pintail shaped
  • The truck may need to tighten up for some riders

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Best Longboard for Cruising: Kahuna Master Crafted Longboard

This is a longboard with fishtail shape, good for cruising. Normally the longboards are like 40 to 42-inch long, while this longboard is much longer, 47 inches. If you would like to put it into the backpack, you would really check if your backpack can fit it or not. While the longer and wider longboard actually can provide more space for riders to put feet in. The big highlight of this 7-layer maple board is its taco concave design, ensuring the longboard to respond promptly when you lean or turn. But the concave will disappear on the tail.

Then I would like to talk about some features that this longboard can improve to make itself perfect. Firstly the trucks are with 180mm wide hangers. This is great for cruising beginners, cause the trucks can provide better stability than those with 150mm wide hangers. While for advanced riders, 150mm hanger would be much more agile. Secondly, the wheels are 82A, which is medium soft and OK with cruising. But if they were a little softer, that would be much better for gripping. Lastly, it is about its weight, 10LBS. That is too heavy for some riders to carry.


  • 15 styles to choose
  • Nice graphics
  • The trucks and wheels are top notches
  • Bearings spin smoothly


  • A little heavy
  • Wheels are a little hard

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Best Longboard for Cruising: ENKEEO Drop-Through Longboard

As you can see from its name, this is a drop-through style for the truck mounting. The benefit of this design is to increase stability when you are riding. Then the 40-inch longboard is made of 9-layer maple wood. And the surface of it features anti-slip. Its 7-inch aluminum trucks are with 2 rubber ring, which can efficiently absorb the impact and ensure great maneuverability and stability when cruising. It also helps riders to conquer any kind of terrains – uneven surfaces, rail, pool, bumpy roads, etc. The 70mm diameter PU wheels make sure of the high speed. Its total weight is only 7LBS. For most riders, it is convenient to carry this longboard outside.


  • Very good quality
  • Riding smoothly
  • Easy to turn at high speed
  • The grip is extremely good


  • Not pintail shaped
  • Require a few adjustments probably for some riders

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Best Longboard for Cruising: Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

For this longboard, there are two shape styles available to choose, cruiser and pintail. The only difference between these two boards is just the size. Cruiser one is 44 inches long, and the pintail is 41 inches long. Technically, for cruising, both shapes are OK, while personally, I prefer the shorter pintail shaped ones. The board is made of bamboo and maple hybrid. The trucks are lightweight made of aluminum. They are the reverse kingpin type. There is no need to worry about its agility. Besides, the trucks are paired with precision ABEC-7 bearings and, 90A durometer PU bushings.

The only feature that disappoints me is the wheels. They are 85A durometer. Honestly, this level of hardness is more friendly to sliding. But for better cruising, they need to be improved with some grip.


  • Light
  • Nice looking
  • Well made
  • A great beginner longboard
  • Smooth ride


  • Wheels are a little harder
  • The front trucks may be a little bit squeaky at first riding

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Choosing a longboard for cruising could be time-consuming, and I really hope that this guide can really help you make the job easy. If it does, please share it with others and help more longboard riders. And if you find there is something that I missed, please let me know in the comments. I will update it as soon as possible.

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