Top 5 Best Electric Longboards: A buyer’s Guide

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Compared to the traditional longboard, an electric one can save you from the foot pushing and help you ride on the longboard with more easiness. But the question is that there are lots of electric longboard items on the market. It would be difficult for many riders to find the best one easily and quickly since they have little knowledge of this kind of vehicle.

If unluckily you are one of them, there is no need to worry about though. Because this guide is specifically written to help you solve this issue.

When looking for the best electric longboard, what we need to do first is to figure out what features of the electric longboard we should care about. We cannot randomly find an item and take it as our choice because the manufacturer says that it is the best electric longboard. We need to dig more about the item.

But what exact features should we consider? Keep reading and find them in the following content.

In this article, we are going to review the following longboards:

What Factors We Should Consider Before Making the Choice



The battery is the juice of the electric longboard. Roughly speaking, how long you can ride on the longboard majorly depends on it and this is why we should care about the battery. Surely there are many other factors which can influence the real range.

Most electric longboard items are equipped with a lithium battery. And on some electric longboard vehicles, the batteries are replaceable, so the rider can bring a standby in case of that the original one is running out. The battery has its limited lifespan. So if the battery has been used for a long period, the rider should always look out the battery life, especially when you plan for a long distance journey. You definitely do not want the battery die on the way to the destination and you need to carry the longboard, right?


The motor means the power of the longboard. Basically, how much weight the longboard can carry, the ability of the longboard on the rough roads, how fast the longboard can run, and more features of the longboard is related to the wattage of the motor. Surely, please notice that the speed of the longboard is also decided by the motor controller parameters and the gear ratios. If you plan to longboard on off-road or uphills, I prefer recommending you choosing the electric longboard with the higher wattage motor.

Normally, the electric longboard is equipped with only one motor, however, recently there are also items with two motors on the market. For the motor types, there is the hub motor – the motor is installed in the wheel, and some motors are mounted off the deck or the truck, and some of them are belt driven. But what I really like and recommend is the brushless motor, which is much more powered than the brush one.

Range or Mileage

This is a kind of basic feature of the electric longboard and all manufacturers will directly show you the exact number in the product description. No matter what you want the electric longboard for, commuting or having fun, you always need to care about this feature. The electric longboard with short range means that you need to frequently charge it. And it could take several hours every time. While a longer range one would be much better.

Besides, the manufacturer may tell you that the vehicle can run as far as 8 miles. But if there are some uphill terrains, the rider is a little heavy or other issues, the real range may be much less than the 8 miles.


Just like the range feature, the maximum speed of the electric longboard is also mentioned in the product description all the time. If you prefer riding at high speed, you need to take this into consideration seriously. Besides, the speed feature matters when we have to get somewhere on time.

Riding Mode

The riding mode feature is to help riders control the longboard speed automatically. This is pretty vital for the beginners since they have no feeling of how fast the longboard is. And it can prevent the dangers because of high speed. Mostly, the longboard has three riding modes, beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. While some longboard items can have more, four modes, or even five modes.

Control or Controller

A longboard controller is a device that you can hold in your hand and help control your longboard speed, turning and other factors. And most of them look pretty like the remote control for a television. I will not add the feature onto the must-have list for an electric longboard but take it as a plus.

Braking System

Safety issue should always come first when we ride a longboard. Besides the normal protective gears, like the helmet, knee or wrist pads, etc. the braking system of the electric longboard also matters.

Normally on the electric longboard, there are two types of braking system – dynamic braking and regenerative braking. The difference between them is about how to dissipate the energy generated and stored when the longboard brakes. The dynamic braking dissipates the energy through the braking resistance as heat, while, the regenerative braking will redirect the energy back to the battery so that it can be reused. Obviously, the regenerative braking may be a little bit better. But it will also cost more.

Weight Capacity

Each electric longboard has its unique maximum loading-up. Why do we need to take this into consideration when we choose an electric longboard? Because if the rider weighs more than the weight limit of the longboard, the performance of the longboard will be influenced enormously. The range and speed will decrease a lot. And it could also affect the lifespan of the deck. Personally, I prefer the longboard with a weight limit which is way more than my weight.

Downhill and Hill Climbing Ability

Cruising a hill is a great fun part of the longboarding. However, many longboard items on the market do not have such ability, or some manufacturers do not write the information in the product description. If you want an electric longboard for riding down a hill, you need to really notice this feature of the longboard.

Or if there are some uphill terrains, we need to check its uphill climbing ability. It is largely decided by the motor wattage, the weight capacity (both of which are mentioned above), and the maximum climbing angle. Most electric longboards support 10-degree to 20-degree climbing angle. And some items are with the much more than 20-degree climbing angle.

Charging Time

How much time it would take to fully charge the electric longboard could be a big headache for many riders. If you have the patience to wait a long period for the longboard full charging, you really need to choose one which can be quickly charged.


Besides these factors mentioned above, there are also some other features of the electric longboard that we should really consider when choosing one such item, like the deck material which has a big impact on how durable and flexible the board can be; the wheel size and hardness which can decide the riding speed, the slide ability, and more; the LED lights which are often added on the tail for safety; etc.

And I will review all of the features which can affect the performance of the electric longboard in the following 5 recommended items. Check them now.

Best Electric Longboard: AC Electric Longboard

Before I show you the good sides of this electric longboard, I would like to notice you first that if you are looking for an electric longboard with good uphill ability, then this one could not be a perfect choice. It has bad performance on uphill climbing. However, except this shortcoming, it is great on other sides.

It has a 350W motor, a little lower than those with 500W or even 1000W motor, but it is the brushless type. As we have said before, the brushless motor can be more powerful than you can imagine. Besides, the motor is installed in the wheel or called hub motor, which will make the longboard look clean, just like a traditional longboard. And actually, this electric longboard can work as a traditional longboard. You can ride it even though it has run out of power. Then it is also with a secured 36V, 4.4AH Samsung Lithium-Ion battery. To fully charge it, it only takes 2 and a half hours. And with the motor and battery, this electric longboard can run as far as 10 miles, with the maximum speed of 17MPH.

Its deck is made of 6-layer maple wood and 2-layer bamboo material, which can ensure the board good flexibility and sturdiness. The board can hold up 300lbs weight. A wireless remote is included. With it, you can control the acceleration, deceleration, and braking of the longboard. On the remote, you can also choose a suitable speed mode. Three speed modes are available.


  • Simple and relatively fast charging
  • Grippy grip tape
  • Stable even on rough concrete roads
  • Good construction
  • Smooth riding
  • Brushless motor


  • A little heavy
  • May go a little too fast for learners
  • Poor uphill-climbing ability

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Best Electric Longboard: BACKFIRE G2S Electric Longboard

In this electric longboard, two 300W in-hub motors and 36V 5Ah battery ensure you to ride for 12 miles with a maximum speed of 23.5MPH. Within 3.5 hours, the battery can be fully charged. The hub motors will work much more quietly than the belt-driven ones. Besides, the motors and the tires are independently replaceable. If the tires are broken, you can just change the tires only, and there is no need to replace the whole wheels, totally unlike some other items.

The board is made of 8-layer hard rock maple wood. It is a great flexible deck and capable of absorbing the vibration and shock during riding.

The best design of this electric longboard is that it is equipped with the Caliber II 50-DEGREE trucks, which can ensure great carving performance and stability during high-speed riding. The manufacturer provides you with two sets of different size wheels, 80mm and 96mm. So you can choose the most suitable wheels base on the terrain that you would explore. Another great feature is its lightness. It only weighs 6.5kg. You can carry it everywhere easily.


  • Two set of wheels
  • Plenty of torque and speed
  • Great uphill and downhill ability
  • Smooth and stable for turning
  • Affordable and attractive
  • Light


  • The front trucks need to be adjusted

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Best Electric Longboard: BLITZART Huracane Electronic Longboard

The highlight of this electric longboard must be about the user-friendly and professional deck designs. The board is made of 6-layers maple wood and 2-layer bamboo. The 6-ply maple wood is sandwiched between a layer of bamboo on the top and bottom of the board, which can ensure the board more flexible and sturdy. Another outstanding feature of the board is the concave design. Both edges of the deck are a little pulled up, so the rider’s feet can put firmly in place. Most importantly, when the rider makes movements, like turning, the board would be more responsive. The third amazing advantage of the board is about the shape. It is symmetrical, which is good if the rider likes riding switch. And besides, in the deck there, there is a holding handle. It can help the rider keep stable when riding at high speed since he/she can squat and hold it. The maximum supporting weight of the board is 250LBS.

Besides, its 350w hub-motor and 36V, 4.0Ah lithium-Ion battery can provide you with a range of 8 miles and speed of 17MPH. A wireless remote is included. There is a wrist strap for the remote, and with the strap, you will not fear its dropping anymore. The braking system is the regenerative type. So every time you brake, the power generated will be redirected into electricity and stored back into the battery. It would save a lot of energy and make your longboard work longer.


  • Great price
  • Very fast
  • Remote control pairs to the board instantly
  • Sturdy construction
  • Holding handle design
  • Concave design


  • Battery indicator could be improved to better measure the percentage of battery remaining
  • A little heavy for smaller/lighter people and kids probably

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Best Electric Longboard: Spadger D5X Plus Electric Longboard

What I like this electric longboard is its look full of a sense of science and technology. It just looks so techy. And in fact, it is full of technology indeed. The board is made of 5% explosion-proof material, making the board impact resistance up to 10 times, very flexible when turning, easy to control, fireproof, and shockproof. Besides, the truck mounting type is drop-through, which is helpful to keep the longboard stable when you are riding at a high speed, especially for the downhill terrains.

Besides, there are two powerful 450w motors. With them, a 165LBS rider can accelerate to its top speed 23MPH in 3.5 seconds. While its maximum loading up is 264LBS. With the powerful motors, you can also climb a hill up to 20 degrees. The longboard is equipped with a 36V/4.0Ah lithium battery which ensures you to ride as far as 12 miles. And it only takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

The best user-friendly and fashionable design of this longboard is the built-in smart LED lamp and Bluetooth stereo audio speaker. The lamp can change 30 different LED light modes by following the music. And it is also a great component for safety, especially when you ride in the night.


  • Techy look
  • LED lamp for safety in night rides
  • Explosion-proof, fireproof, and shockproof deck
  • Powerful motors
  • Soft and flexible


  • The board is really heavy with 8kg and difficult to carry around

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Best Electric Longboard: WOWGO 2S Electric Longboard

To be honest, this electric longboard is my favorite, and I have got one. After using a period, there is nothing to complain about.

This would be the best electric longboard for climbing hills, as its maximum uphill-climbing angle is 30 degrees, owing to its powerful motor and long-lasting battery. With them, you can ride as fast as 38MPH. Besides, the motor and battery are waterproof.

But please notice that this does not mean that the board is waterproof too. The board is built from high-quality Canadian maple wood and takes EVA foam as grip tape. They can ensure a flexible and smooth ride. The board can load up to 280LBS.

The best part of this electric longboard is its safety issue concerning. The braking system ensures that the braking power will gradually accumulate as the rider pulls back the throttle wheel. You can feel the smoothness when slowing down. There will be no potential dangers of throwing you out of the longboard. Besides, the total distance for braking would also be much shorter.


  • Great quality
  • Super great uphill-climbing ability: maximum 30 degrees
  • Symmetrical shape for riding switch
  • Well designed
  • No wheel bites
  • Water resistant for the motor and battery


  • None (personally)

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Compared to the traditional longboard, to be honest, the electric longboard cost much more. And it could mean a lot of money for some people. So take your time and find the most suitable electric longboard for yourself, base on the features mentioned above. And the five recommended items can also be your best choice.

Have I missed something important? If so, please let me know in the comments. And I will update the vital information as soon as possible.

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