Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the best electric scooter for climbing hills is, then we sincerely recommend NANROBOT D6+ as the best option.

If you are considering choosing an electric scooter for commuting, but you just live in a community with some slopes, or if you are just planning to ride on a scooter outside to climbing the hills and enjoying the gorgeous views, then you may really need an electric scooter with the good ability of climbing hills. However, the first question that most people care about probably is whether the electric scooter can go up hills, right?

5 Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills:

  1. NANROBOT D6+ City Electric Scooter
  2. QIEWA Q-Power Electric Scooter
  3. RND M1 Commuting Electric Scooter
  4. Felimoda Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter
  5. S AFSTAR Safstar Electric Scooter

Can Electric Scooter Go Up Hills

Quick answer: YES, but we also need to know that not all electric scooters can go up hills. Only those with the ability can make the job done. Well, the question is how can we tell if the electric scooter has such ability. Basically, we can care more about these specs of the electric scooter, in the following content, help us, and I will tell you why. Check them now.

Climbing Angle

The first and most important feature that makes the electric scooter can go up hills would be its climbing angle since each slope or hill has its gradient. Normally, the steeper the hill is, the harder it is for the electric scooter to climb. And different electric scooter has a different climbing angle spec. Some go with 10 degrees, some go with 20 degrees, some go with 30 degrees, etc. So we really need to check if this spec number is OK or not when we choose the electric scooter for climbing hills.

Normally, I would simply recommend the ones whose climbing angle is 15-20 degrees. Surely the ones with more than 20 or 30 degrees would be much better, while its price would also probably go higher. And if the actual gradient of the slope or hill around you is more than 20 degrees, then you have to turn to the items whose climbing angle is more than that.

Weight Capacity

As a rule, the heavier the rider is, the slower the electric scooter would become. And when you ride it for hills, this issue would become much more evident. Because when we ride the scooter on the slope or hill road, part of our weight would become pulling force, and it would be much harder for the electric scooter to move forward, compared to the flat surface. So my suggestion is that we should choose the electric scooter whose load weight is much more than our body weight.

Motor and Battery

The motor provides the electric scooter with the energy to keep forward. And when it is running on the hill road, it would need much more energy. Some types of electric scooters perform pretty well on the surface, but when it comes with the uphills, it just feels weak. And the battery would make sure that it can go for a long distance. We should never be fooled by the range number in the product description words. Because the milage is how far the scooter can go on the flat surface, but not on the uphills. The mileage on the hills would be much shorter than the range that the manufacturer has promised. The good way is to check its battery specs.

Technically, an electric scooter with a 36V 350W Motor should be fine for hills around 10 degrees and a rider of up to 180LBS, and if the hills are longer, it would become slower. So I personally prefer the scooters with a 500W motor. Surely, a 500W motor probably is a little heavier than the 250W and 350W motors.


For an electric scooter running on hills, its tires should be with good grip. If there is no enough frictional power, it would be much difficult for the motor to push you uphills. And if it is rainy, or when you go downhills, it would be much more dangerous for an electric scooter with a weak grip. So normally I would recommend the grooved tires.

Besides, large wheels can help a lot when we go uphills. Because the large wheels usually can hold more weight than the small ones.


You may have seen many electric scooters with the suspension(s). But what on earth can the suspension do? Technically, when we go uphills on the scooter, most of our body weight would be put on the rear wheel if there is no suspension. The suspension can make sure that the weight is put on the scooter deck, but not on the rear wheel. And when we go downhills, the front suspension can have the same effect on the front wheel. Besides, another, or the biggest benefit of the suspensions is that they can absorb the shock when you ride on the uneven surfaces.


A portable electric scooter can save our lives all the time. Imagine when you ride the electric scooter to your work office, shopping mall, or somewhere else, you may want to carry it in, and in such situation, a foldable and lighter scooter can help a lot. Or when you ride it outside and encounter the rough surface that the scooter cannot go over, you can hold a portable electric scooter through it and move on. But if the scooter is not portable, you may need to backtrack.

So in the following, we will select 5 qualified items base on the criteria mentioned above, and review them individually. Check them now.

Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills: NANROBOT D6+ City Electric Scooter

For this electric scooter, I will go first with the features that we care about. The maximum inclination that it supports is 30 degrees, which can cover almost all hill roads. It is equipped with dual independent 1000W motors which can hold up to 330LBS, so you have no need to worry about if it is powerful enough to push you uphill. And the 26Ah 52V lithium battery can last for 50 miles at the maximum speed of 40MPH. While it must be shorter on the hill roads.

There are 6 suspensions to absorb the shock on the uneven terrain and decrease the weight that the tires load. The pneumatic tires are 10 inches wide and grooved for a great anti-slip ability. At the parts of the front and rear wheels, there install two EBS disc brake system, which can help the scooter brake stably and safely when the emergency happens. Another friendly design of this scooter is its detachable seat. If you are tired of the standing way, you can just equip the seat for different riding experience. For its portability, it can be folded. However, it weighs 70LBS, which may be a little heavy for the kids.


  • Sensitive brakes
  • Fast
  • Battery lasts long
  • Foldable
  • Dual 1000W motors


  • A little heavy for the kids
  • The brakes may be a little loose for the first time riding and need adjusting

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Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills: QIEWA Q-Power Electric Scooter

This electric scooter can go up to 65 miles with a maximum speed of 37MPH. Its 800W motor and 26Ah 48V lithium battery can provide the scooter with enough power going uphill for a long distance. The maximum climbing angle is 35 degrees, much more than the inclination of the hills that we mostly encounter in our daily lives.

Its maximum load weight is 550LBS, suitable for all adults. It can be folded. You can do it in 2 seconds. And it is also IP65 rated waterproof. What really makes it unique are these three designs in the following: the first one is the anti-theft remote key fob, which reduces the possibility of the scooter being stolen; it has double disk brakes to ensure the stable braking; there is also a braking light on its tail, so when you brake the vehicles behind you can see you and it can stop from the emergency.


  • Solidly built
  • Stable
  • Quiet
  • Easy to ride
  • Waterproof


  • It is not so easy to change the tire

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Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills: RND M1 Commuting Electric Scooter

RND M1 can run as fast as 18.64MPH. It is equipped with a 350W motor, less powerful than the two items mentioned above, but it is with enough energy to conquer the climbing angle of 15 degrees. And 15 degrees are the maximum inclination that this scooter supports. If the hills are more than such inclination, this scooter may need to exclude from your list. As for its battery, it is an LG UL 2272 certificated Lithium battery, which can last long and detachable. When you want to upgrade the battery, you can simply pull out the cover at the bottom and replace with your new battery.

For safety, there install two brakes for braking safely. And there is a smart chip inside the pedal, which can intelligently adjust the speed according to its loading weight and the terrain condition. It maximum load weight is 220LBS. The last thing about this scooter is its tires. Two tires are not the same in size, neither in its material. The front tire is 10 inches and pneumatic. However, the rear tire is larger with 10.5 inches, vacuum, and explosion-proof.

The only thing that I really concern about this scooter is that it has no suspension. So you may feel some cracks and bumps on the uneven roads.


  • Light
  • Sexy
  • Clean
  • Sturdy
  • Fast
  • Charges quickly


  • No suspension

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Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills: Felimoda Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

This Felimoda electric scooter can go as far as 18 miles, and its maximum speed is 12MPH. Honestly, these two specs are not as good as the items mentioned above. This is mainly due to that it is equipped with a 250W motor, which can be a big upgrade for this scooter. While its maximum climbing angle is 20 degrees, which seems pretty good for most hills.

Both of its wheels are 6.5 inches, an appropriate size for going up hills. They are made of solid rubber, with great anti-slip treads, which also has a great shock absorption ability. The best part of this scooter is its portability. Because it is made of carbon fiber, it only weighs 24LBS but can load up to 120kg. It is light enough for anyone to carry this scooter easily. Furthermore, it is also foldable.


  • Well made
  • Easy to set up
  • The brakes not touchy
  • Fast charging
  • Waterproof
  • Carbon fiber material


  • No speedometer
  • Tires are a little small

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Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills: S AFSTAR Safstar Electric Scooter

On this S AFSTAR electric scooter, you can ride as far as 12.5 miles. And the maximum speed is 15.5MPH. Seriously, the mileage is not too long. The manufacturer may need to upgrade its 5.2Ah 36V lithium battery. The motor is 250W, suitable for not very steep hills, like 10 degrees. Its maximum gradient supported is 15 degrees.

Both of its wheels are 8 inches with shock absorption and anti-slip features, which can enable you to ride on the hill road with comfort. It only weighs 31LBs but can support 220LBS. The best part of this scooter is its detachable seat design. There is a seat prepared when you feel tired of the standing-way riding. And it is removable.


  • Good construction
  • Lightweight
  • Start fast
  • Brake hard
  • Waterproof


  • Folding mechanism may be a little more of a hassle than some other scooters for girls

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Finding an electric scooter for climbing hills is definitely a little more complicated than choosing an item only for commuting or something else. Take your time. And if you find that I have missed something on this post, please let me know in the comments and I will update the information into it to help more users.

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