A Parent’s Guide: Top 5 Best Hoverboard for Kids

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Hoverboard, or called self-balancing scooter, is still in trend and can be one of the best gifts and tech toys for the kids. But on the market outside there are just so many similar items in looks, and you may feel very confused about which one can be your best choice. To make this job of choosing the best hoverboard for kids done easily, we can begin with the following questions.

In this article, we are going to review the following hoverboards:

Is the Hoverboard Safe for Children? Do Hoverboards Still Catch on Fire or Explode?

The safety issue about hoverboards must be the NO. 1 feature to care about when you choose one for the kid since there was a dark history of this kind of devices catching on fire and even exploding. Yeah, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but it truly did happen. Back in 2015, there was just a piece of news which can prove my words.

But does the hoverboard still catch on fire and explode now? And should we get rid of this fashionable vehicle now? Luckily, in 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that the hoverboards with the UL2272 certification are less likely to catch on fire and explode after investigating the safety of all hoverboards across all brands. So when we choose a hoverboard not just for kids but also including adults, the UL2272 certification description must be the first feature we need to check.

Besides, when the hoverboard is under charge, we should not leave it charging unattended and had better keep it away from flammable materials.

After talking about the safety issue related to the technology, we may turn to the other side of this issue – whether the hoverboard is easy to get kids injured. Honestly, any kind of sports activity has the possibility of getting people injured, skateboarding, rollers skating, inline skating, basketball, soccer, football, etc. But we can take some actions to prevent the injuries or lower the possibility. And here are some related tips for riding a hoverboard.

  • Wear the protective gears always
  • Learn how to ride a hoverboard with the help of parents or others
  • Never ride to the places with traffic before you practice the skills very well
  • Do not ride too fast
  • Do not ride downhills and uphills since most of the hoverboards are designed without such ability.

What Age is Appropriate for a Hoverboard?

Legally, every country or district has its own different age restrictions or other requirements for the hoverboard.

In California, Assembly Bill No. 604 says that the rider should be at least 16 years old to operate an electrically motorized board. Besides, the bill would also require the hoverboard to be equipped with safety equipment, like a helmet, and restrict the riding speed of not more than 35MPH. In New York, the police have said that the hoverboard will definitely not be allowed on public walkways. And the worst situation must be in the UK and it is totally illegal to ride a hoverboard on public roads, even though we know that the hoverboards have great popularity there. So please make sure of the exact minimum legal age for the hoverboard in your own country or state.

However, the manufacturers probably tell you that an 8-year-old child actually can ride a hoverboard, or even younger. We cannot totally believe what the seller says, because they just want to sell their products to you. Personally, my advice would be that we should abide by the law first. And if the law permits, the minimum age for riding a hoverboard can be 10 years old. And before the kid plans to ride on public roads and pavements, he or she should practice the skills very well and wear the protective gears.

What are the Different Sizes of Hoverboards? What Size Hoverboard is Best for Kids?

Normally when we talk about the size of the hoverboard, we mean the size of its wheels. There are four main wheel sizes available, 4.5 inches, 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches.

When choosing which wheel size, the first thing that we need to know is if the size is appropriate for the kids to deal with. For a very young kid, like 10 to 12 years old, 8-inch and 10-inch wheels are just too large for them to ride, especially for the beginners. Besides, it would be very hard to carry them around. So I would like to recommend you the 4.5-inch and 6.5-inch ones.

So the older kids have no need to care about the wheel size, do they? YES. For older kids, we need to check another feature of the wheels, the maximum weight loading. The 4.5-inch wheels generally can hold up to 50kg. So if the weight of the kid is close to, or even exceeds the number, then the wheels are definitely not suitable. So when we choose a hoverboard, it is very necessary to check the maximum weight that it can load.

Then I would like to talk about more about the wheels. Another factor about hoverboard wheels is what kind of surface they can deal with. Normally, large wheels can deal with different kinds of terrains, even the rough roads. Besides, most hoverboard wheels are designed for outdoor use. And in the house, there are just so many pieces of stuff, TV, doors, chairs, etc. If riding indoor, you will just put yourself in the high risk of getting hurt by the stuff and breaking the TV, carpet, and more.  So do not ride the hoverboard indoor, unless the hoverboard is specifically designed for both outdoor and indoor using.

So based on these factors, normally I would recommend the hoverboard with the 6.5-inch wheels, which can be suitable for most kids.

Besides those factors mentioned above, we probably also need to check some other features of the kid hoverboard, like the range – how far the hoverboard can travel, the speed – how fast the hoverboard can run at and how many speed modes the hoverboard can provide for the kids with different skill levels, making sure of their safety, and more.

And I will talk about all of the features that can affect the hoverboard performance in the following 5 selected items, to give you the best and unbiased recommendations you can trust.

Best Hoverboard for Kids: Felimoda Hoverboard

This is a UL 2272 certified hoverboard. We have to put this feature in the first place to check, making sure of the safety. Then let us check the other features of this hoverboard.

It is equipped with two 300W motors, which can ensure you to run as fast as 15 KM/H. This is a kind of safety speed for skilled kids. If you or your child just starts how to ride, a lower speed would be much better and safer. With the powerful motors, the hoverboard can also drive you up the slopes with 15 degrees. But please remember that going downhill is seriously not suggested. It is a danger. Its high-end battery can help you run as far as 4-5km.

Then we will check what it is made of. Its deck and fenders are made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. This design can load up to 120kg. So it can hold up every kid. The wheels are 6.5 inches in size and with rubber tires, which can provide kids a stable driving experience. Besides the tires have grooves, so they are anti-slip. Surely there are beautiful LED lights to make you visible in the dark and the longboard itself fashionable.


  • UL 2272 certification
  • Easy to use
  • Charges fast
  • Have pretty lights
  • The Bluetooth speaker is easy to connect


  • A little heavy, while the carrying case can save you

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Best Hoverboard for Kids: Hover heart Hoverboard

This is not a hoverboard made of aluminum or some other metal stuff, but plastics. You may doubt its durability, so did I. While it turns out it is with good quality and can hold up to 220lbs. Besides, compared to the aluminum material, the plastics will be lighter. Furthermore, these plastics are anti-fire. The wheels are still 6.5 inches. There are two beautiful LED lights on the wheels. Besides, in the front of the deck, two LED lights are also equipped. These will make you illuminate every surrounding by you in the dark. This is super cool.

Still, this hoverboard is UL 2272 certified. And with its 36V/4A battery, the rider can hit max speed of up to 10 MPH and range of over 10 miles.


  • UL 2272 certification
  • Bluetooth connection is excellently working
  • Beautiful LED lights
  • Great quality
  • Nice colors


  • Not friendly to the wood floor

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Best Hoverboard for Kids: Hoverstar Hoverboard

This is still a UL 2272 certified hoverboard with 6.5-inch wheels, which is the most important factor strictly required for the safety. So we don’t need to worry about its catching fire or explosion. Besides, the making material is also anti-fire. There are four LED lights equipped, two in the front of the deck, and two on the wheels. When you ride it outside, it is absolutely cool and fashion, especially in the dark.

It is equipped with a 24V/4A battery. With its help, you can easily hit the max speed 10mph and max rang 8 Miles. Surely these numbers will largely depend on the weight of the rider and the terrain conditions. The only side that I am concerned with is its loading weight. For most hoverboards, the number should be over 200lbs. It is only 180lbs. Surely this number is totally OK for all kids. What I want to say here is that the parents or other adults over 180lbs cannot ride on it. Or it may be broken heavily.


  • UL 2272 certification
  • Well build
  • Easy to lean
  • Shut itself down when riders stop using it to save battery
  • Wheels are very smooth


  • Only load 180lbs, but OK for most kids

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Best Hoverboard for Kids: CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard

This must be my favorite hoverboard. It is because of its fascinating spider design. Yes, as you have guessed, I am a Spider-Man fan. The spider web designs are all over the board, and even the LED lights will also show the spider web.

Still, this is also a 6.5-inch item with UL 2272 certification. Safety issue should always come first. With it, you can ride as far as 12km and as fast as 10km/h, which is a kind of safety speed for kids. Its advanced self-balancing technology just makes it easier for kids to learn and maintain balance in minutes. There is also a built-in wireless speaker. When you connect your phones or iPod to it, you can enjoy your favorite songs or books without headphones but with excellent sound effect.


  • UL 2272 certification
  • Able to make sharp turns
  • Smooth ride even over bumpy terrain
  • Will not kick rider off when getting off of it
  • Unique and nice spider design all over the board


  • None

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Best Hoverboard for Kids: Energen B651 Hoverboard

This is a hoverboard equipped with two 250W motors. They feature maximum travel distance of 8 miles and the top speed of 7.5MPH. As you see, the maximum speed is much lower than the numbers of the other four items recommended above. However, I think it is pretty good. For kids, lower speed just can help us keep from some dangers sometimes. With the motors, riders can also climb a slope with a 10-degree angle.

As for its looks, there is just one color option available. This is what the manufacturer can improve in the future. While the other designs are pretty good, LED lights in the front of the deck and on wheels, built-in Bluetooth speaker, anti-slip grip pads, and more.

While what we really care about the hoverboard is its safety. This hoverboard can totally reassure you. It is with UL 2272 certification, no possibility of catching fire and explosion. Besides, when the battery is fully charged, it will just automatically shut off. The last feature of it is that it can hold up to 200lbs weight.


  • UL 2272 certification
  • Pretty light-weight
  • Anti slip rubber foot pads
  • Colorful LED lights flashing wheelS
  • Easy get through on the carpet


  • Only one color option

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To find the best hoverboard for your kid may be time-consuming, but it is totally worthy. Besides, please remember that whenever and wherever the kid rides on the hoverboard, the safety issue should always come first. And wearing protective gears, like a helmet, could be the first lesson to learn and keep in mind.

Lastly, if you have some better tips and thoughts on this topic, please let me know in the comments. THX in advance.

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