Top 5 Best Skate Shoes for Skateboarding and Longboarding

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best skate shoes are, then we recommend New Balance Men’s Nm868 as the best one.

Skate shoes, just as its name tells us, is a footwear type which is specifically designed for skateboarding and longboarding. While there are some skaters wondering if there is a must for wearing the skate shoes when riding a skateboard or longboard. Well, this is truly an interesting question, and here are my personal answers about it.

Can You Skate with Any Shoes? Are Skate Shoes Necessary?

There are few difficulties for you to skateboard or longboard wearing any shoes. However, if you want to skateboard or longboard much safer and better. This is because the skate shoes manufacturers have designed and added their products to many features, which are beneficial to skating in safety and skills.

But this does not mean that any pair of skate shoes on the market can be the qualified gears and suitable for skateboarding or longboarding. We need to figure out what elements a pair of best skate shoes should have when we choose one. And you can find the answers in the following content. Keep reading.

In this article, were going to review the following skate shoes:

Features of Best Skate Shoes



There are mainly three types of skate shoes, low-top skate shoes, high-top skate shoes, and mid-up skate shoes. Their difference is the height of the cut, and the different cut height has its different function, as well as the bad sides.

The high-top shoes usually end their cut above the ankle, which can provide more stability and protection for your ankle. And many producers add some padding inside it, which provides a much better cushion for your ankle. Besides, it will keep your feet much warmer, which is good when you are skating in cold places. But, it can bring you annoying. Its breathability is not so good.

Compared to the high-top items, the low-top shoes can have better breathability. And because of their lower cut, it is much lighter than the high-top ones. But it will lose the padding part in your ankle area. If we want to get back the same cushioning function, we need to pay more attention to the material of the sole.

While, if you can’t make a choice between the high-top skate shoes and low-top skate shoes, the mid-top skate shoes could be your better option. It can be much lighter than high-top ones because of its lower cut. And it can also provide you with better stability and support for the ankle than the low-top ones.

Shoe Sole

How the skate shoe sole is made of, the texture and material, primarily decides how you feel when you are on a skateboard and longboard. The skate shoe sole can be divided into three parts, outer-sole, mid-sole, and inside-sole. When I choose the best skating shoes, I mainly care about the outer-sole part. Because the outer-sole has direct touches with the deck. Almost your all wishes for stability and flexibility depend on it. And it must be with the good resistance to abrasion so that the shoes can serve longer. Mainly, I will choose the skate shoes with air-pads and other types of shock-absorbent cushioning.


Seam element is kind of also vital and fundamental for any skate shoes because it is good at protecting skate shoes from tearing. And when we choose the best skating shoes, we need to check if there are seams in the more easily damaged areas of the shoes, like the toecap and heel areas.


Padding is great for reducing the stress and impact, when you are skateboarding, especially when you are doing some skateboarding tricks, like jumping stairs, and improving the comfort. The best skating shoes should have the padding in the tongues, heel areas, side walls, or other areas where skaters may easily get injured.


If the skater has sweaty feet, the breathability feature of the skate shoes does matter a lot. If the skate shoes do not have good breathability, the skater’s feet can get very sweaty. It is not super comfortable, while the worse thing is that the skater may get injured because the shoes are slippery inside. So how to deal with this issue? Like we have mentioned in the skate shoes type part, the skater should choose the low-top gears, rather than the high-top ones. Besides, the breathing holes and breathing material can also make a big difference in this problem.


As a matter of fact, in the previous content, I have collected some tips for the durability issue, like seams can reduce the chance of skate shoes tearing. But in this part, I will mainly talk about the durability of skate shoes in the aspect of the material.

Most frequent material, which are used in skate shoes or you may have seen somewhere, are suede, patent leather, and canvas. For durability, I prefer suede. Most of the skate shoes out there are made of suede since suede is a little tougher than much other material. When we choose the best skate shoes, we must make sure of the heavily stressed areas, like the ollie area, being made of suede, at least. While patent leather and canvas are not so durable as suede. But they can be used on the spots which are not heavily stressed.

Large/Small/Wide/Narrow Feet

Since every skater’s feet are totally different. Some of them have wide feet, some of them have narrow feet, etc. And these are also the big factors that we need to think about when choosing the skating shoes. So how to make sure if the skating shoes are fit for wide feet, or narrow feet? I’m gonna share a simple tip with you. You can tell what kind of feet the skate shoes are for by the cuts. And you can easily check the cuts by looking at the soles of the skate shoes.

A wider cut can be suitable for wider feet, while a narrower cut is not perfect for the wider feet.

And now, we can select the qualified skate shoe base on the standards mentioned above. And there are 5 examples that I sincerely recommend. Check them now

Best Skate Shoes: Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

The Vans must be one of the most common skating shoes brands. This cannot be the reason why I recommend it, but it is because of its technologies and features. It is with an ultracush insole, which is flexible and lightweight. It is using the duracap material to protect the hard-strained area of the shoes.

And for the Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes, you have multiple color options. And it is unisex, saving the time to looking for the ones specifically for men or women. Its unique vulcanized construction make sure of better comfort and durability.

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Best Skate Shoes: Nike Men’s SB Check Solar

The Nike SB series is popular for skateboarding and longboarding. It is equipped with the lunarlon sole, which lightweight and soft. While the biggest technology in the shoes is Nike called Zoom. And it is a lightweight and stable damping system. Another feature of the shoes is the hyperfeel, which, in simple words, helps you feel like you are bare feet when skateboarding and longboarding. It highly increases the boardfeel for your feet.

For the Nike Men’s SB Check Solar, it is low-top, made of canvas. Dozens of types are available to choose. It is comfortable and durable with a canvas upper, drop-in Solarsoft sockliner, padded tongue and collar, and a rubber outsole.

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Best Skate Shoes: Adidas Unisex Lucas Premiere Skate Shoe

The outstanding design of Adidas skate shoes is the Zoom cushioning system. Adidas itself claims for this feature: ”BOOST sets a new standard not only for running shoes,but for the entire industry and all products going forward.” And for the Adidas Unisex Lucas Premiere Skate Shoe, it is made of suede with rubber sole. It is unisex and includes multiple lovely color options. But you need to notice that this shoe is a little narrow.

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Best Skate Shoes: New Balance Men’s Nm868

If you like the New Balance brand, I recommend the Numeric series for a skating shoe. Because the New Balance Numeric applies a foam enriched with nitrogen to achieve better cushioning ability, lightweight, and stability. And for this Numeric 868 recommended, its extra feature is the fantom tape. It is a lightweight material attached to the shoe without any seams, but ensuring the stability and breathability.

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Best Skate Shoes: DC Men’s Net Lace-Up Shoe

What about the DC skate shoes? The best part of DC shoe designs is its midsole techs. Some of its shoes use the unilite technology, which reduces the weight of the shoes extraordinary. And some have upgraded the unilite to dual density unilite, which combines materials with different densities. Compared to the previous version, this new one ensures lower weight, more comfortable and additional impact support. Besides, this recommended shoe is also with foam padded tongue and collar for comfort and support.

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Choosing the best skate shoes could be time-consuming and your patience. So to save your time and make it much easier, I sincerely recommend New Balance Men’s Nm868, since they can meet all features that the best skate shoes should have. Surely there are many other skate shoes brand and models that you can check, like Etnies Men’s Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe, eS Men’s Accel Og Skate Shoe, Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 Skate Shoe. And if you get your favorite skating shoes, you also need to maintain them and do not let them broken too quickly.

Tips for Best Skate Shoes Maintenance

  • Make sure that the shoes are always neatly laced so that you will not be tripped, and the shoes will not be torn.
  • Do not use alcohol, acetone, clean your shoes, or drop some on them, since they will hurt your shoes badly.
  • Hand washes your skating shoes is a great way to maintain them, but putting them into the washing machine is not advocated.
  • A soft brush or a damp cloth to clean your shoe will not damage the material of the skate shoes.

And if you have more nice ideas and tips for caring about the skate shoes, please share them in the comments, and I will add them into this part to help more skateboarding and longboarding fans.

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