Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Best Bearings for Skateboards

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the best skateboard bearings are, then we sincerely recommend Bones REDs Bearings as the best option.


We all know that the sensible skateboard bearings can help the wheels roll much more smoothly, which is quite helpful for skaters to have a good feeling of the skateboard.

In this article, We are going to review the following skateboard bearings:

If you are planning to DIY a skateboard, or just want to replace the broken bearings, finding the best bearings for skateboards is necessary. But what kind of skateboard bearings can be best?

Many skaters will blurt out that the high ABEC rating bearings can be the best; Or at least, many people must have learned about this theory some times from someone or some sources. So is it true? Well, my answer would be that it is just partly correct. In fact, there are some misunderstandings about the ABEC here. To prove my words, we need to start with what the ABEC is.

The Truth of The ABEC

The ABEC, or called ABEC scale, is an industry standard, developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association. It aims at providing the bearing manufacturers the standard of precision that the bearings should meet. Or in other words, this is a standard to check how much tolerance the bearings have.

Bearing Tolerances Illustration
Bearing Tolerances Illustration

There are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, five rating classes. The higher the ABEC rating is, the bearing is with better precision, or lower tolerance for errors, and better possibility for speed capability. However, it does not mean that higher ABEC rating bearings can make the wheels spin faster, which would be the biggest misunderstanding that many people have about ABEC.

The second misunderstanding would be that the higher the ABEC rating is, the better the bearings are. So in many times, some skateboarders asked me “what is the best ABEC for skateboard bearings?” Normally I will do the math to answer this question that they have asked.

An ABEC 7 or 9 bearing has the potential to reach 20,000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute. If it can enable a 54mm wheel to reach such speed, then the wheels will run at over 200KM/H. While the fact is that we mostly ride on skateboards at under 50KM/H. We don’t need that speed possibility that ABEC 7 or 9 can reach.

So can we totally get rid of the ABEC when choosing the best skateboard bearings? Of course not. The bearings which cannot reach ABEC 1 standard would not be with good precision to the components. The right way is that we cannot only focus on the ABEC system but also some other factors.

For example, considering the disadvantage of ABEC, some bearing manufacturers have developed their own standards to help especially design the bearings that can meet the demands of skateboarding, like the Bones Bearings Skate Rated. So check whether the manufacturers have the unique standard for their bearings would be a good idea.

Besides, the material can also be another factor to care about when we choose the bearings. Previously, bearings are made of steels. But recent days, manufacturers have started using the titanium or ceramic, which can provide bearings with good durability and lifespan. Surely, they could also cost you more money.

So in the following, we will show you five examples that can be the best skateboard bearings base on what we have talked about above. Check them now.

Best Bearings for Skateboards: Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard bearings actually are not just for the skateboards, but they are also compatible with all other kinds of boards: Longboard, Cruisers, Inline Skates, Roller Skates, Kick Scooter etc. So you can just have these bearings for many boards if you are not just a fan of skateboarding. You have no need to worry about the size since they are 608 sizes.

Tips: The 608 bearings are the standard size for skateboard bearings. Surely it is also the standard size for quad skates and inline skates. And you would also notice that some 608 bearings have some letters followed, like the RS in these Heady Shake bearings, or “S” “Z” “SS” “ZZ”, etc. They are the ways to help manufacturers to denote if the bearings are sealed ones or shielded ones. An RS means that these bearings are shielded ones but the shields are removable.

They are ABEC-9 rated, which is good. Their coatings are made of titanium, which can ensure you the good durability. And please notice that when you receive these bearings, they are lubricated with speed oil by the manufacturer. So it would save you a lot of effort to replace the old ones.


  • Fast
  • Durable
  • Spacers included
  • Compatible with various boards
  • Pre-lubricated


  • May not be compatible with other brand bearings

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Best Bearings for Skateboards: Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

These are bearings with ABEC-9 rating. The size of them are 608, a standard size fitting all boards. Even though the name shows me that they are for skateboards, in fact, they are also available for longboards, inline skates, and rollerblades. What these bearings impress me most is not just their running smoothly and fast, but the engraved seals, which are cool colored and keep from the dirt, rocks, and dust outside. A great design lengthens the bearings lifespan.


  • Super smooth
  • Solid speed
  • Great spinning
  • Good stability
  • Easy replacement


  • Noisy

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Best Bearings for Skateboards: Bones REDs Bearings

Personally, I use these bearings most time. And I will sincerely tell you that these bearings are the best ones that I have tried so far. There is no ABEC rating information for them, cause the manufacturer says that the ABEC is not the best system for bearings, which we have also talked about in the previous paragraph. And truly the ABEC cannot be the only system to decide whether the bearings are good or not.

However, these Bones REDs bearings are all skate rated, for their clearances, tolerances, materials, and lubricant. So there is no need to worry about if they are good for skateboards. From my own experience, they are running flawlessly not just on the flat and smooth surface, but also good on the rough pavements. Besides, they are pre-lubricated, so you can save lots of energy to replace the old ones.


  • Smooth
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Spacers included
  • Totally OK on rough pavement


  • I have been trying my best to look for one

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Best Bearings for Skateboards: esKape Skateboard Longboard Bearings

These are also the bearing with ABEC-9 raring and 608 RS size. The can work perfectly with all skateboards and longboards. There are only red and silver color option available. But you need to know that these bearings are just for skateboards and longboards, unlike the items recommended before, which are also compatible with inline skates, roller skates, and scooters.


  • Perfectly working
  • Smoothly
  • Durable


  • Only compatible with skateboards and longboards, but inline skates, roller skates, scooters not included.

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Best Bearings for Skateboards: Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings

We skateboarders must know that lubricant in bearings is one of the most important elements which decide the performance and longevity. For these bearing, there are two different lubricants that you can choose: Endure and Race. The Endure ones apply slightly heavier grease to ensure the best lifespan, and the Race ones apply the light oil to get the ability of high speed. So you can choose the one most suitable for you, base on your own need.


  • Fast
  • Smooth as butter
  • Nice sealed
  • Durable


  • A little noisy

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Bonus Tips: How to Care and Clean Your Skateboard Bearings

If you would like your bearings to perform better and prolong their life, then the regularly caring and cleaning is necessary.

Before we head to the detailed tips for bearing caring and cleaning, we need first to know what the parts or composition of the bearing have.

Skateboard Bearing Parts and Composition

Basically, we can break down the tearing into 7 parts. And they are Shield, Ball Cage, Ball, Outer Ring, Inner Ring, Shield, C-Ring. You can easily tell where each of them is located in the whole bearing from the following illustration.

Parts and Composition of Skateboard Bearing
Parts and Composition of Skateboard Bearing

Tips for Caring and Cleaning Skateboard Bearings

  • We all know that the water can seriously damage the bearing since the water can oxidize the bearing and get it rusted. So the first caring lesson for a bearing is not riding the skateboard in the water or through it.
  • Keep the bearing also dirt-free.
  • Never put oil on your bearings without having first cleaned them.
  • If the bearing becomes dirty or noisy, you need to clean it. And the detailed steps are followed one by one below.

Step 1. Remove the shield, wipe it with warm soapy water and cloth.

Step 2. Ball cage removal and clean. This is optional, and only experienced bearing cleaners are recommended take this.

Step 3. Clean the bearing and the ball retainer.

Step 4. Dry the bearing.

Step 5. Re-install the ball cage.

Step 6. Lubricate the bearing.

Step 7. Re-install the shield. Make sure that the shield is dry.

Then the bearing cleaning job is done. And the rest of work is putting the bearing back into the wheel, and then installing the wheel.

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