Top 5 Best Skateboard and Longboard Helmets for Safety

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Why wear a helmet when you are doing skateboarding or longboarding? Some people will say because there is a stringent requirement for it in places like a skatepark. Or some cities and states just have a law for it. Some kids would possibly say because the parents force them to do it.

While the truth is that wearing a skateboard helmet must be the first lesson of skating activities, and it is a good way to reduce unexpected harms or accidents occurring during skatboarding. Think I am exaggerating something or scaring you? The truth is that there are approximately 70,000 injuries requiring a visit to the emergency department occur every year in the United States. The data does not lie.

However, there are so many types of helmets on the market. Can we choose any helmet as the skating helmet, for example, the bike helmet? Or can you wear a bike helmet for skateboarding?

The answer is definitely Negative. Because the bike helmet is totally different from the skateboard helmet in many ways. The biggest difference between them is the design. For a skatboard helmet, it should cover the back of the skater’s head, since there is a high possibility that skater could fall down when skateboarding. While compared to skating, bicycling has rare situations where bikers fall of the back of their bikes.

So what helmet can be the best skating helmet? Or what elements the best skating helmet should have? Keep reading and find the answer below.

In this article, were going to review the following skateboard helmets:

What We Should Care About When Choosing the Best Skateboard Helmet


Certified or Not

This feature must be the most important one to measure if one helmet can be the best skateboard helmet. And there are two major standards than we can refer to, ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CPSC (the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission). But honestly, the CPSC is more a standard for bicycle helmets and not very suitable for the skating sports in some ways. So if you find a helmet with only CPSC certified, it is probably not an ideal option for skateboarding, and also including longboarding, roller skating, inline skating, ice skating, and more. While, compared to CPSC standard, the ASTM has a specific standard for skating, ie, the ASTM F1492 standard, which requires the helmet should be with multi-impact ability. So basically, I would recommend you choose the helmet at least with ASTM certification. Surely, if the helmet is dual-certified, it would be much better, but please make sure that both certifications are the CPSC and ASTM, not any other standards.

Why these two standards are in the law to measure if a helmet can be the best skating helmet? Because we know that there are many crashes during our skating, and these two standards require a helmet with outstanding crash energy management feature. When skaters fall down, the helmet can absorb most of the crash energy and protect the head from permanent damage. In addition, if you find a helmet with Snell B-95 certified, it would be also a sign that makes sure of its suitable for skating, since it is a much more difficult standard to meet than the CPSC and ASTM.

Strong Strap

A skateboard helmet must stay on the skater’s head all the time, especially when the crash, hit, falling, etc. happen. If the helmet is off or gone after the first hitting on the ground or something else, how can the skater avoid the second hitting, the third, or even more? That would be disastrous. And on this occasion, a strong strap must be necessary, which, to some extent, can make the helmet stay on the head when the crash happens.


To make sure of skater’s safety when the accident happens, the fit feature also does matter. The helmet staying on the head when hitting on the ground or something else is not enough. The helmet must be fit for the skater’s head, and does not tilt forward or back, or how can it makes sure of the safety of back head and forehead. If the skater’s head is a little special, like his/her head a little big or round, he/she must pay attention to the helmet description words.

Outer Shell

In a skating crash, sometimes there is not just hitting on the ground or road, but also probably a sliding. In this situation, the helmet outer shell matters. The outer shell must be with enough sliding resistance so that it will not hurt the skater. Besides, personally, I do not recommend the helmet outer shell with unnecessary decorations for fashion, like protruding snaps for visors, because these things have the potential for the shell to snag during a crash, which could increase the severity of the impact and may even injure the neck.


This feature means that the best skating helmet should be very eye-catching, not for making others jealous of how fashionable your helmet is, but for the safety. Because if the helmet is obvious for others, like car drivers, they can easily avoid you and not hit you. But many helmets on the market nowadays are more pursuing fashion features than the practical ones. But how to make the helmet conspicuous, or what elements can make the helmet more conspicuous? A reflective tape would be a great option, and you can also add your favorite one on the skating helmet by yourselves. And some manufacturers are trying making skating helmets with lights so that they look fashionable and obvious. That is also a good idea, but we should also consider if it meets the standards of CPSC and ASTM.


We definitely do not want suffering putting on the skating helmet, but we want it comfortable. For the comfort feature, we need to mainly think about three aspects of the skating helmet, if it is light or too heavy if it makes skaters feel cool in the hot weather if it makes skaters feel warm in the cold weather.

To be honest, I have checked almost like 50 or more helmets on the market for this post, and find that almost all helmets are doing great with the weight issue. So there is no need to find the lightest skating helmet unless you have such a hobby. But for the cooling feature, you must pay more attention, and not all helmets are good at it. Technically, if the helmet’s front vents are larger, the helmet will make skaters fell cooler. While, if you are skateboarding outside in cold weather, then you need a warmer helmet.


Most durability issues of the skating helmets are about the strap and buckle. If you find the strap or buckle breaking, you need to replace it as soon as possible, because it will affect a lot when the crash happens, which we have talked about in the Strong Strap part.

And here are all factors that you need to care about when choosing a skate helmet. And then in the following content, I will show you 5 examples which meet the demand that we have mentioned above. So it would save you a lot of time. Check them now.

Note: The following 5 reviewed and recommended skateboard helmets are also appropriate for longboarding, roller skating, inline skating, ice skating, and more skating-related activities. One helmet for multiple sports activities.

Best Skateboard Helmet: Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Personally, I am using this skate helmet and feel pretty good. First of all, it meets the standards of both ASTM and CPSC. Its ABS outer shell can keep high impacts easily. A strong strap is also checked. And it is adjustable with secure locking buckle so that It fits anybody very well and makes sure of the safety when hitting something.

Besides, there are multiple color options so that you can definitely find what you like. The size options go from X-Small to X-Large. No matter you are choosing for a kid or an adult, you can find the perfect size.


  • ASTM and CPSC dual certified
  • Hard foam padding
  • Stylish look
  • Good fit
  • Qualified construction
  • Available for kids, child, youth, and Adult


  • The inner liner may make some users feel not so comfortable
  • The replacement of the liner is hard to find

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Best Skateboard Helmet: JBM Multiple Sports Skating Helmet

Just like its name shows, it is a helmet for many sports, not just the skateboarding, longboarding, roller skating, inline skating, ice skating, but also cycling, scooter, etc. This is definitely a piece of good news for the users who love several sports. It is still certified by ASTM and CPSC. A strong and adjustable strap with buckle is included. You can loose or tight it till you feel comfortable. The best feature of this helmet is its breathability because of its unique aerodynamic design. There are multiple vents which will easily let the air go through the helmet. And the EPS foam just increase its breathability and reduce sweating during hot days. But the brand may need to give more information about the size, so users can easily choose which one suits them perfectly.


  • ASTM and CPSC dual certified
  • Available for kids, child, youth, and Adult
  • Works for multiple sports
  • Nice color
  • Great breathability


  • Enough information for the size

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Best Skateboard Helmet: Yellow Jacket Certified Helmet

Do not just be misunderstood by its name, in fact, there several color options for this helmet. There is no doubt that it meets the standards of ASTM and CPSC. It is a multiple sports helmet. You can wear it for skateboarding, scooter, roller skating, longboarding, and cycling. The design of breathable EPS foam and multiple vents will make you feel comfortable in the hot weather, since which can easily stop sweating. The best part of this helmet is its service. It says 100% money back guarantee if the user is not happy with it. So users have no need to worry about their money, at least it says so.


  • ASTM and CPSC dual certified
  • Available for Kids/Child/Youth/Adult
  • Great fit and stylish
  • EPS breathable foam


  • The Yellow Jacket logos are just stickers, which may be easily torn off
  • Only three size option

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Best Skateboard Helmet: Flybar Dual Certified Multi-Sport Helmets

I totally love this one. And if I am gonna change one helmet for skating or other sports, I definitely go trying this one. As I first saw this helmet, its unique looking impressed me deeply. 12 wide vents on it just make it much cooler and better for air flowing when skating. It is also with ASTM and CPSC dual certified. The strong ABS outer shell just improves its safety standard much closer to perfection. 9 different color options are pretty hard for me to choose only one from them since I love its several color designs. Each style provides users with three sizes so you can find the perfect fit.


  • ASTM and CPSC dual certified
  • Great customer service
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Cool looking
  • Good breathability


  • Almost none

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Best Skateboard Helmet: Punisher Youth Skate Helmet

This skating helmet is specifically selected for the youth or teens. It meets the ASTM and CPSC, which is the must factor for choosing the best skate helmet. Multiple lovely colors can definitely cater to young people. 13 vents design on the helmet just makes it cooler and is with good airflow. The heavy-duty ABS outer shell and soft nylon embroidered chin straps just make sure of the best protection.


  • ASTM and CPSC dual certified
  • Especially for youth and teens
  • Built well
  • Great protection
  • Both for boys and girls


  • Change the size by removable foam pads, which may not be preferred by some users.

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As you can see, choosing the best skateboard helmet is not an easy job. We need to take many things into consideration for the safety issue. And to save your time, I sincerely recommend Flybar Dual Certified Multi-Sport Helmets because it almost meets all the standards that we have mentioned above.

Besides, for safety gear, a helmet is definitely not enough. We also protection for our knees, elbow, wrist, and even the mouth and teeth. And here are some recommendations.

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