An In-depth Review on Exway X1 Pro

Exway has fully demonstrated its capabilities in its first-generation X1. The two partners’ expertise in traditional longboards and the high requirements for products have made their product experience and quality far superior to other electric skateboard manufacturers. Exway X1 Pro is the upgrade version of the X1, so what surprises will it bring us? Let’s check out.

What’s in Its Packing Box?

The first thing we saw was that the skateboard was well-protected, and the gray-black foam felt upright when we opened the big paper box. The Exway X1 Pro is embedded in the foam securely. It feels pretty good.

Exway X1 Pro unpacking

And then let’s find all the items in the box.

Exway X1 Pro unpacking

From left to right, there are orange tires, manuals, adapter cables, remote control, orange T-shaped tool, and standard charger. The adapter cable makes your board a big power bank to charge your mobile phone or remote control. Although rarely used, this function is very good for an emergency.

We will not leave you too many words on its appearance but show you some beautiful pictures for you to enjoy.

Exway X1 Pro appearance

Exway X1 Pro appearance

Exway X1 Pro appearance

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The Detailed Specs about Exway X1 Pro



The X1 Pro has the same board design as the X1 and the footwells that are nearly 10mm deep enough to provide good control. To accommodate a larger battery, the thickness of the board has been increased by 1mm. The larger battery brings an extra weight of 500g, and the measured weight is 6.8KG. (Because the thickness of the explosion-proof coating cannot be completely controlled, the weight is floating at 6.9kg ± 0.3kg)

Exway X1 Pro weight

Battery and Power

The battery capacity has been expanded from 120wh to 193wh. In terms of capacity alone, it has increased by 61%. Since the range of X1 is about 12-13 km, the range of this generation is expected to be around 20km.

The power has been increased from X1’s 1000w motor to 1200w, which is 20% increased, which will bring us higher max-speed and faster acceleration in some ways.


Same as the first version, Exway X1 Pro also equips the Seismic Aeon trucks, with the unique shaped PU pad, which is very design-oriented and also brings an exponentially increasing rebound feedback when turning.

Exway X1 Pro truck


The skate wheel diameter of this generation has been increased from 80mm to 85mm. We know that there is only the tire playing the role of shock absorption between the rough ground and the wheel hub. If the tire is too thin, it will cause the tire shock absorption effect to be minimal. However, the shock absorption feature may improve after increasing the diameter of the tire by 5mm.

Also, because the skin is thickened, it will be less likely to be damaged. Exway X1’s players must have experienced that the tire often is scratched by the road or even dropped off because the tire is too thin. In the subsequent part, we will also show you more about the actual performance of these 85mm wheels.

The Remote Control and Charger

The remote control is also the same as the X1’s, with a full-featured and comfortable remote control, which can display the current speed, gear, forward direction, and the power balance of the board and remote control.

The middle button (A button) is a shift position. There are 4 gears to choose from. The 4th gear has a new Turbo mode and the maximum speed can reach 45 kilometers per hour. Double-click the button during the journey to open the cruise speed. Maintain the current speed and three-click on it is to switch forward and backward, etc. The function is very practical, and the animation effect is just right.

Exway X1 Pro remote

There is also a magnetic suction charger that Exway has added it in the first generation. The lid of the charging port is also magnetic suction, which is very convenient and safe. The small disadvantage is that it is easy to be kicked out in the crowded field.

Exway X1 Pro magnetic charger


It is very gratifying that after the skate wheel has increased from 80mm to 85mm, there has been a leap in speed. Let me first tell you that the Exway X1 Pro is much faster than the X1.

The tester: 180cm in height and 85kg in weight.

Before upgrading the latest firmware, the 4th-speed Turbo mode is fully charged and the remote controller displays a maximum speed of 43km/h; After upgrading the latest firmware, the maximum speed is 44km/h.


If you want to maintain a long battery life, you cannot cruise at high speed for a long time. After 20km/h, power consumption increases exponentially. The closer the cruise speed is to the top speed, the more power it consumes. This is the same as the electric vehicle.

Frequent acceleration and deceleration will not affect battery life and the range, as well.

Acceleration ability (referring to 0km/h to extreme speed)

After our tests, this generation of the Exway X1 Pro accelerates a little faster than the previous generation X1 at any speed. We mentioned that increasing the wheel diameter of 5mm may affect the acceleration performance and increase the speed, but thanks to the motor with a power increase of 20%, the acceleration does lose at all but wins a little.

Braking (referring to 30km/h – 0km/h on the dry road )

This brake test was done by the user who is 191cm tall and weighed 75kg. The braking distance of 30km/h to 0km/h in the custom mode is 13.3m, which is very amazing data.

Here we want to reiterate one thing, the braking distance is an important indicator for judging the safety of an electric skateboard. But during the skateboarding, if an emergency occurs, braking will be the most critical safeguard to block you from danger.

Mobile app

Exway’s official app is available on Android and iOS. You can view the board data, custom acceleration, and braking curves, and the relatively mature UI design of Exway is not available to you from other manufacturers. The app brings great convenience to players with different usage habits, and we also felt this sense of communication during the experience.

In addition to checking and adjusting, the most important function of the Exway app is to upgrade the firmware via a Bluetooth connection to the skateboard. Everyone understands that the more intelligent a product is, the more functions it has, the more likely it is to cause bugs and cause user dissatisfaction. local. An OTA upgrade can bring you the flexibility to upgrade online when such an event does not need to return to the factory or wait for the next generation of products.

Some more small details

The back and corners of Exway’s board are not exposed to wood or coated with a layer of paint like other manufacturers. Instead, they are covered with an explosion-proof coating. It is said to be a military material. Its scratch-resistance is good, which can effectively slow down long-term use. Wear of the board during the process.

The previous generation of motor bearings always had some problems. Although the board is very waterproof, the bearings are prone to problems after water ingress, so this generation they replaced the Japanese HYF waterproof bearings to ensure the waterproof performance of the entire board. They said you can wash the board at will now.

Well, There is also Something about Exway X1 Pro Specs that Exway should Improve in the Future

1. Although the Seismictrucksare professional and their experience will be much better than some other brands, the 45 steering degree is not the most flexible. Although the hard surface will bring security and stable performance at high speeds, the flexibility in the steering is far less flexible than that of the soft board. With the rigid board and the 45 steering degree, the turning radius is relatively large.

Then you will find that when you travel at crossroads or wherever you want to turn because the angle of the curve is too sharp or there is not enough space, you often need to kick the board to turn.

2. The diameter of the wheels has been increased from 80mm to 85mm, which we have mentioned above. This change will theoretically raise the ground clearance by 2.5mm. But when the ground clearance is high, the stability during steering will decrease a little, and the board will become heavier when riding.

3. We have mentioned earlier that its weight has become heavier. Not only will the weight slightly affect the control, but it will also have a certain impact during your usual commute. Although it only gains a weight of 500g, we have said in the previous article that under this weight, every 200 grams will have a clear feeling of heaviness. Although it improves the battery life, it will be also a big challenge for the user’s arm strength relatively.

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How is the Riding Experience


Skateboard control during driving

Here we mainly talk about the surface control of the skateboard when it is sliding. The style of the Exway X1 is an obvious U-shaped footwell, combined with professional American Seismic longboard trucks to bring a very good control experience. This high-level design is continued in this generation.

The hardboard surface and deep U-shaped footwell allow the skateboard to play more stable at high speeds, coupled with Exway’s professional and coordinated product design, making this board’s control experience at high speeds become the best in mass products.

While novices who do not adjust their feet may feel sore when sliding for a long time. But if you have tried shallow footwells, you will know why deeper footwells are needed. When doing any action, no need to worry about not being able to lock the board.

Comfort between skate wheel and board surface

We have heard that many people have said that the shock absorption of hard boards is worse than that of soft boards, and that of small wheels is worse than that of large wheels, but we have found that this is not absolute during our massive tests. We should also consider the soft and hard elasticity of the soft board, the material of the damping sandpaper and the wheel (not only the soft hardness of the wheel).

Exway X1 Pro as a hard board, we feel it with good shock absorption. The soft-elastic wheels and other components are tightly connected, making every vibration very quiet. Let everyone feel a high degree of product completion and reliable quality.

Exway X1 Pro riding experience

Does Exway X1 Pro Have Any Disadvantages?


Disadvantage 1: About shock-absorbing sandpaper

Shock-absorbing sandpaper has been discussed before. It reduces vibration and relieves numbness. These are some of the characteristics of the product. If we talk about the disadvantage of Exway X1 Pro, the first one would be the durability of the sandpaper.

Some users are complaining that the shock absorption sandpaper corners of the Exway X1 Pro have cracked within a month. This may be because they didn’t pay much attention to it when using it.

It is not difficult to understand that the damping sponge sandpaper has a thickness that protrudes from the surface of the board, and this makes it easier for the side of the skateboard to contact other hard objects during use, resulting in the damage of the sponge sandpaper. So if you want to ensure the integrity of the sponge sandpaper, everyone needs to pay more attention.

Disadvantage 2: The wheels losing parts

This is kind of a problem which almost all soft-elastic skateboard wheels will encounter, and so will Exway, especially for heavyweight or more fierce players. A small cut on the skateboard wheel on the outside may cause excessive tearing because this type of wheel is generally soft.

Exway claims that after the skateboard wheel is increased from 80mm to 85mm, the incidence of such things has been reduced, but one tester, who weighs 92kg, still got this result after a hard carving.

Sometimes, this problem is likely to be related to the road conditions that we ride on; and if your like big movements and slides, it is also possible that the new tire will be torn.


The Exway X1 Pro meets the overall standards. Most of its features perform well, and some of them are excellent. Here are the scores (out of 10 points), which we have given to X1 Pro.

Acceleration (acceleration ability)8
Extreme speed (top speed)8
Remote control (function, whether the control is linear, with or without delay)9
Skateboard control (board control, steering accuracy, steering feel)7
Braking (braking performance)8
Range (battery life)6
Comfort (literally)7

In one word, Exway is value for money.

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