10 Inline Skating Benefits That You Probably Didn’t Know

You have probably seen many words about that inline skating is losing some of its popularity. However, according to the newest statics, there were over 5 million people in the USA wallowing in this sport, and much more than that around the world. People still love inline skating.

Inline Skating Benefits - Number of Inline Skaters in USA
Inline Skating Benefits – Number of Inline Skaters in USA

Why people love inline skating? You probably would say that it is fun, recreational, and vigorous. Actually, inline skating has much more than that. It can benefit us physically and mentally. And in the following content, you can check the details about inline skating benefits one by one.

Inline Skating Benefits the Heart, Lung, and Blood Pressure

It is clear that when we are inline skating, our heart rate will speed up, and lung will work more vigorously. These will improve the cardiovascular system a lot. If you plan to increase this inline skating benefits, you can try interval skating.

Inline Skating Builds Muscles and Make Us Stronger

To practice inline skating, we definitely need help from some of our muscles. So what muscles do inline skating work? To run on inline skates, we need glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors, and abdominals, working simultaneously. So inline skating can help you build a lot of your muscles. Besides, it will also benefit your whole lower body strength. So these are why I would say YES when people ask “Is inline skating a good workout”.

Inline Skating Has Less Impact on the Joints Than Running

Base on a study from the University of Massachusetts, running causes shock to the joints twice as inline skating does. That is to say, inline skating is actually safer than the running considering the joints protection. This is why some physical medicine and rehabilitation centers choose inline skating as one of the great rehabilitation sports. And this is also a big advantage and evidence that inline skating is better than running.

Inline Skating Helps Control Weight

There is a fitness study, conducted for Rollerblade Inc. in 1991, measuring how many calories do inline skating, running, and cycling. The results show that inline skating at a steady and comfort speed burns 285 calories in 30 minutes, and running and cycling expend 350 and 360 calories respectively in the same period. However, when the skater chose interval skating, which means alternating a period of hard inline skating and a period of easy inline skating, it expends 450 calories in 30 minutes. And the study also shows that the faster you inline skate, the more calories will be burnt. Inline skating is obviously a great way to maintain weight.

Inline Skating Improves Our Balance

When we are inline skating, especially when we start learning how to inline skating, the first thing or skill we need to practice is how to keep balance and not fall down on the skates. After we can stand steady on the skates, we then also need balance to inline skate fast and do some tricks. You see, inline skating is also a balance sport.

Inline Skating Increases Body Flexibility

As we have talked about in the second benefit of inline skating, inline skating needs many muscles working at the same time. Besides, we also need more parts of the body when we are inline skating, like swinging the arms to keep balance and get speed, pushing hard by your feet to get more power going forward, etc. When we do some inline skating tricks, there would be much more.

To practice inline skating into perfection, we need each part of our body working as the needs of the sport. This is flexibility. After you practice it a lot, you will increase the flexibility for how to bend your legs to jump over an obstacle, or how to handle your feet to grind, etc.

Inline Skating Is Helpful for Sleep Quality

Good sleep quality is very important for health. But how to get it? 12 tips from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and WGBH Educational Foundation tell that exercise can help us fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly as long as it’s done at the right time. And inline skating is just one of those exercises that enhance your sleep. You practice inline skating for some minutes just several hours before you go to bed, and you will sleep well.

Inline Skating Deals with Stress

Stress is a kind of natural experience in our lives, but it can bring us some negative reactions. So we need to get some skills for coping with stress. Personally, I would choose moving outside on my inline skates, because activities will significantly reduce the muscle tension and prompt the body to produce the endorphins. You must know that endorphins are chemicals to help us feel good. And then stress is just gone.

Inline Skating Teaches Social Skills

When we are inline skating outside, we will definitely meet some people who are just doing the same thing, or sometimes we will even find some clubs or associations. Don’t be shy, and join them. You can get help from them for how to do inline skating better. More importantly, when you talk with them about the same thing, you acquire the social skills for how to deal with people, how to express yourself, how to make friends, etc.

Inline Skating Can Be An Environment-Friendly Transport

When we go to work, school, shopping, or somewhere else, if it is not too far away, in fact, we can take inline skating to get there. Guess many guys are actually doing it. It will not emit the carbon dioxide, and totally be environmental.

The Bottom Line

There are definitely more benefits than inline skating can bring to us, and I just add 10 of them for now. So if you guys find some more and think that we should add them to this list, please leave your comments below.

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