Onewheel+ XR Review: Great Fun to Ride

I first got to know about Onewheel+ XR when I was looking for one commuter to carry me between home and workplace. Even though the distance is just about 2 or 3 miles and I normally walk from one place to the other, sometimes, if I am too late, I need a vehicle to help me with it. Obviously, driving a car or taking a bus is not so necessary. So I chose the Onewheel+ XR.

After riding my Onewheel+ XR several times, I gradually realized that this thing is not just a normal commuter, but also an amazing toy with great fun. And in this post, I will show you every aspect of Onewheel+ XR, and review it thoroughly with my personal experience.

Onewheel+ XR Review
Onewheel+ XR Review

What Onewheel+ XR Is

Onewheel is a brand of a self-balancing electric skateboard, invented by Kyle Doerksen, the CEO, and founder of Future Motion Inc. The first Onewheel model, or called the Original Onewheel, was announced in January 2014, and the second generation, Onewheel+ was launched in January 2017. The Onewheel+ XR is the third generation model, coming to the public in January 2018.

And compared to the first two models, Original Onewheel and Onewheel+, Onewheel+ XR has gained much more improvements. The range is 12-18 miles, much longer than the Original Onewheel with 6-8 miles, and Onewheel+ with 5-7 miles; Top speed is 19 MPH, faster than the Original Onewheel with 15 MPH; etc. And we will talk about more about these in the following.

Who Onewheel+ XR Is For

Basically, I think anyone can have it since it can serve as a short-distance commuter and with fun and recreation. If you are the one like me, who don’t want to drive or taxi, then Onewheel+ XR would be a much better choice. You can board it all the way to school or work; Or if there is some distance between the bus stop, or the railway station, between your final destination, it can also be a great helper. If you are a skateboarding lover, Onewheel+ XR must be a new thing that you can’t miss to try. Just like the traditional skateboards, with Onewheel+ XR, you can also do some amazing maneuvers. Furthermore, it can run on all terrains, which is much better than the traditional ones, and I will show you this in specific in the following content. You can also easily learn how to ride it because of your skateboarding experience.

However, the Onewheel+ XR is a little expensive, costing over $1,000. So if it is beyond your budget, you need to really think about twice. Besides, if you have not got used to skating, like skateboarding, inline skating, etc. there probably are some difficulties riding it. But, don’t worry, and you can learn it, right?


  • Great fun
  • Running on all terrain
  • Good commuter
  • The easy learning curve for experienced skateboarders


  • Expensive
  • Hard to ride on it for those who have zero experience in skating

Detailed Features of Onewheel+ XR

Official SpecificationsDetails
Typical Range12-18 MI / 19-29 KM
Top Speed19MPH / 30KPH
Motor750W Hypercore hub motor
BatteryNickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) 324Wh 63V
SensorSolid State MEMS 6-DOF
Tire11.5×6.5-6 Vega
Max Lean Angle>30 degrees
Dimensions9×11.5×30 (IN) / 23×29.21×72.6 (CM)
Weight27 LB / 12.5 KG
Charge Time100 minutes

More Extra Info

Riding downhill can actually charge your Onewheel+ XR, but do not exceed 100% charge.

Riding in adventure terrains, like hilly, beach, snow, or more can significantly reduce the range miles.

Real top speed is more like 25MPH, according to users’ feedback, but please do not ride at over the suggested 19MPH to avoid disaster.

The official Onewheel+ XR spec or features are just as clear as I have shown above. And in this part, I am gonna show you more information about Onewheel+ XR from the locomotion experience.

Learning Curve

Like what I have mentioned in the words above, if you are a life-long skater, no matter skateboarding, roller skating, rollerblading, or ice skating, you can easily and quickly get used to the Onewheel+ XR. Because the essence of how to riding it is how to keep balance. However, if you have not practiced skating sports before, don’t worry, and you can also learn it after a period learning. The steps of learning how to ride Onewheel+ XR is pretty simple. Because of its Solid State MEMS 6-DOF sensor, we simply can do leaning forward to make it move, and backward to pull it over. Well, these words must be not enough. And here are the detailed steps that you can try in the following.

There are pretty much three movements or skills to learn how to ride Onewheel+ XR. They are how to stand on Onewheel+ XR and move forward, how to shift direction during riding it, and how to dismount it. Check the details for each one.

How to Mount Onewheel+ XR

  1. Place your Onewheel+ XR on the ground and power it on.
  2. Put your back foot on the footpad touching the ground, and then the front foot on the other footpad.
  3. Slowly stand up and change your gravity to balance. For the first times, strongly suggest you have someone else to hang on
  4. Then slowly lean your body forward to make it move. Rember it is all about balance.

And here is a video guide to help you.

How to Shift Direction

When you plan to change direction, you just need to first move your shoulder and hip to the direction slowly, and you will see it turning. Remember that do not stop pressuring the frontpad during turning, and also do not pressure it hard suddenly.

How to Dismount Onewheel+ XR

First of all, you need to know that the pressure pads won’t deactivate unless the speed is less than 1 MPH. So the first thing is to slow it down. You can simply reduce the press on the frontpad to make it run slowly. And when the speed is less than 1 MPH, just lift your front foot and the motor will stop working. And you can dismount it successfully.

Onewheel App

The Onewheel app is a must that we have to talk about. After connecting the vehicle to the app, we can know all the information about the Onewheel+ XR, like its battery life. It is also with a rides map so you will not lose yourself when you go somewhere. While, my favorite feature of the app is the leaderboard, where it lists people who ride Onewheel+ XR for most days and miles. It’s kind of fun and competition.


Many people plan to get the Onewheel+ XR for commuting. So is it a great commuter or not? And this is also the main concern when I chose Onewheel+ XR.

Base on the almost 200-mile journey, I would say that it does pretty well as a commuter. Most time, I ride it from home to my workplace, and then back home. The distance between my home and workplace is about 2-3 miles. And luckily the range of Onewheel+ XR is 12-18 miles. So I can use it for at least two weekdays without charging. The range issue is solved.

The second factor that we need to think about as a commuter, is it available in bad weather, like raining or snow. I ride it in the rain several times. At the first time, I was pretty much afraid that it would stop working. However, it did not. And because of its wheel has enough height, sometimes, I would also try it in the shallow water. It is super funny. And here is a video that I find as evidence.

Adventure Fun

Besides the commuting capability, Onewheel+ XR can also bring us the adventure fun. If you are a skateboarding lover and addicted to making some amazing tricks, Onewheel+ XR can also do that. Don’t believe it? Check this video.

Compared to tradition skateboards, the most amazing part which beats the traditional ones is that Onewheel+ XR can challenge all terrains, not just the city road, or ramp, but also including more adventure terrains that you have never experienced before. Just like its slogan says “Your Playground Just Got Bigger”.

Onewheel+ XR Problems

For technical issues, my Onewheel+ XR seems none after 231 miles riding, for now. Obviously, only base on my own experience, it is not enough to say Onewheel+ XR without problems at all during use. So I searched the internet, forum, and also asked several friends of mine, to find more. The conclusion is that there are some tiny issues occurred, like Onewheel+ XR not turning on in cold weather sometimes, Onewheel+ XR still moving even though the user dismounts, Onewheel+ XR not charging but back to charging after a while; etc. Overall, there are no technical problems that could lead to a big accident for Onewheel+ XR.

However, besides Onewheel+ XR technical problems, we really need to pay attention to the safety issue. Even though I strongly hold that as long as users grab the riding skills well, there is less possibility of accident or danger. But many people are not used to it, or some skilled skaters just run at over the speed that Onewheel suggest. How can we deal with these situations? The best and simplest solution, which I advise, is putting on the safety gear. Never forget about this when you are out on the Onewheel+ XR. And here are some recommendations that I am personally using and are pretty good.

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

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JBM Knee/Elbow/Wrist Pads Protective Gear Set

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How Does Onewheel+ XR Compare


If you are struggling with the price of Onewheel+ XR, Scootrider may provide you with a better option. It is much cheaper than Onewheel+ XR. It is also water resistance. Surely you can also ride it outside everywhere. It is totally OK with all terrain situations. The range that it can run is 15 miles, pretty breaking even with Onewheel+ XR’s 12-18 miles.

However, Scootrider can run as much as 16 MPH, while Onewheel+ XR is 19 MPH. And it weighs 30.6 pounds, a little heavier. To fully charge the Scootrider will cost you 2 hours, longer than the 100 minutes of Onewheel+ XR

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LTXtreme Viro Rides

Well, as with this one self-balancing vehicle, I strongly recommend it for kids over 8 years old. It is only with 10 pounds weight, and it is kind of super easy to bring it. And it is just as much as 1/6 price of Onewheel+ XR. What it most impresses me is that it is equipped with several speakers. When you can connect your phone or iPod to it with the Bluetooth, you can play your favorite songs as you are riding it. Its top speed is just 7 MPH, a pretty safe level for kids. And the range is 6.5 miles.

>> Check Price on Amazon <<


Final Thought

Should you buy the Onewheel+ XR? To be honest, if you do not mind the price of Onewheel+ XR, it should be one of the best choices in this item category. It is practical as a daily commuter, and super fun to help you feel the outside in a different way. If you do care much about its price, the two alternatives mentioned above can also be your options.

Some Other Related Questions That People Also Ask

When did the Onewheel come out?

The first Onewheel model or the Original Onewheel was announced in January 2014.

How fast does the Onewheel+ XR go?

The Onewheel+ XR can run at 19 MPH/30KPH top speed. And you should never ride at over this speed for your safety.

How much does a Onewheel+ XR cost?

The official price tag of Onewheel+ XR is $1,799.

How much does Onewheel+ XR weight/How heavy is a Onewheel+ XR?

Onewheel+ XR weights 27 LBS.

Can you bring a Onewheel on a plane?

According to FAA regulations, the Onewheel+ is allowed on airlines, while the Onewheel+ XR is NOT allowed on airlines.

How does a Onewheel work?

How long does it take to charge a Onewheel?

How long does it take to charge Onewheel+ XR?

To charge the Onewheel+ XR would take as much as 100 minutes.

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