15 Skateboarding Benefits That You Probably Don’t Know

The statistics show that there are over 6 million participants in skateboarding and over 100 million skateboarders around the world. Skateboarding is becoming more and more popular, and catching more and more people’s eyes, not just the youth, but also the children and adults, and not just the boys, but also the girls.

Skateboarding Benefits - Number of Skateboarders in USA
Skateboarding Benefits – Number of Skateboarders in USA

Why an increasing number of people love skateboarding? Guess someone would say because of its culture, like its unique dressing styles, or gravity-defying and cool skateboarding tricks. As a matter of fact, besides these noticeable and funny things help skateboarding please us, there are more inconspicuous aspects, like skateboarding benefits. And in this post, I will mainly talk about how skateboarding benefits us mentally and physically.

Making Body Stronger

To skateboarding, you need to use almost all of your muscles, core muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and lower legs. This is because of the skateboard design principle – skateboarders need the twist of the waist, the buttocks, the feet and the swing of the hands to make it move. So skateboarding every day is just a perfect workout way to keep fit.

Benefiting The Heart and Blood Pressure

Skateboarding can be an anaerobic exercise, and it can develop your cardiorespiratory fitness.

30 minutes of skateboarding 3-5 times a week on a level surface would provide an adequate stimulus for increasing cardiorespiratory endurance and would expend enough energy (617.2 kcal/hr) to be considered an adequate exercise to include in a weight loss/weight management program.

The static comes from “Selected Metabolic Responses to Skateboarding” in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport by Ronald K. Hetzler

Controlling Weight

The average person will burn between 150-500 calories in one-hour skateboarding, and the exact amount may vary because of the intensity of the skateboarding. It can be a great way for people controlling their weight. For over-weight or obesity youth, you can easily get rid of obesity by skateboarding.

Equilibrium Ability or Keeping Balance

We know that the magic code of skateboarding well is how to keep balance when you sliding or making a trick. To practice skateboarding is actually a process of developing your equilibrium ability.

Reaction Speed Enhancement

To practice skateboarding for a period, you can feel your reaction speed changing obviously. Because when you skateboard on the street, vamp, pool, or some other venues, you need to make choices and decide what next maneuver you will apply according to the terrain.

Improving Flexibility

Like we have mentioned above, skateboarding requires almost all muscles of yours, and the hands, shoulders, legs, feet, and more parts. It is a sport involving every part of your body. So to do it, you have to deal with the coordination of your body.

Learning How to Fall

Getting injured happens to many skateboarders. But after you learn a trick, the pain is all deserved. But when the falling is inescapable, you can learn how and when to fall to minimize the injury.

Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Nowadays many people have such bad habits of staying indoors for a whole day, keep playing smartphones or video games, or more. However, when you pick up your skateboard, such things will not bother you anymore.

Sleep Quality Improvement

Sleep is so vital for our body and brain to function well. Either too little or too much sleep will probably cause our body not feeling well. To get good sleep, there are a bunch of things you can do, and skateboarding is just one of them. This was proven. You can refer to the book Clinical Exercises for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents By Damion J. Grasso for the exact answer.

Stress or Anxiety Relief and Improving Mood

When we do skateboarding, and we focus on it, and it will make us forget about all other things for a while. Nothing else really matters when we are riding the board and we only care about having fun. And by this, we would also forget the unhappiness, and get rid of the anxiety.

Better Spatial Orientation

This benefits mostly owe to the skateboarding tricks. Because when we do lots of maneuvers, we need to know whether we should go frontside or backside, jump up or bend down in the next. And when you have a better spatial orientation, you can do skateboarding better.

Building Confidence

This is really true. When we do a really cool trick, the crowd must be pleased, give you applause; And you will be encouraged, and feel confident. Or when you have tried many times for a trick, and you finally get it in your pocket, you will feel there is nothing hard for you, and you can do anything.

Stronger Will and Taking Challenge

We know that we cannot do a trick successfully for one time, but we need it to practice it over and over again, for hours, or even or days. If you preserve, you will succeed. This is another benefit of skateboarding. It tells you as long as you don’t quit, you can do everything. It builds up your willpower, makes you stronger to take any challenge.

Gaining Social Skills and Friends

Skateboarding is a social sport, indeed. It is very super fun for a bunch of people to do the same thing that all love. And you can get help and advice from other people about how to skateboard better. And you can learn how to communicate with others, and how to make friends with others. For introverted children, skateboarding is a great helpful social activity to help them go out.

Decreasing Urban Traffic Pressure

You probably cannot believe this, but it indeed does. Some people, including several of my friends, take skateboarding as transportation to go to work, shopping, or other things since the distance is not great. So they will not drive their cars, or use public transport.

I don’t mean that everybody should go skateboarding if your destination is not far. I just tell you guys that skateboarding can also benefit us in this way. Because if too many go skateboarding on the street for school, working, shopping, or more, it could lead to some other consequences.

The Bottom Line

Here are all skateboarding benefits that I can think about. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them. And if you have other ideas or opinions about this topic, please leave your words in the comments.

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